Beat the Beat Up is a new VR action title directed to Steam

Coming from developer Juggernaut Entertainment is a new VR Action-Adventure and Rhythm game. Get ready to swing your fists and embark on a unique musical adventure as you star in the Bollywood movie. Beat the Beat Up! Action-packed and immersive with its unique art style that matches the music-based battle experience.

This is a VR experience to be launched steam. Players will have to take out local goons while you work as the Desi hero. You are the only one who can score high, clean the streets and impress the critics. This is Bollywood at its best in its virtual reality package.

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Enter one of the famous Bollywood movies as you play the superstar. K VR movement and rhythm game-Fighting is as important as music to do well. Not every player has what it takes to save the movie and hit the Don during this interactive experience.

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Take waves from over 100 idiots like you Protect a small village Without strong. To succeed in combat, players will need to feel the music, generate beats, and complete song syllables. This creates a unique blend of fighting and making music where your skills will lead the pace of the soundtrack.

This is a beautiful village in the world of Desi. The game looks like it is taken directly from the Bollywood movie, and the environment is totally destructible. Crash things, and throw enemies Enjoy unique atmospheric reactions. Hidden around the world are the 10 Easter eggs that point directly to Bollywood movies.

The game tracks your score so keep trying to beat and improve your rank. Since your performance is seen by critics, be sure to note their reactions as you fight it through this Bollywood brawl.

Carefully directing the punches will increase your score, and explosives will spread across the level for further movement. This is action movieAnd, with this in mind, it could create the additional visual appeal needed to achieve a high score for your viewers.

Overall, this experience is a standard VR experience mixed with Bollywood experiences. Be sure to explore the area and plan your moves while hitting and hitting enemies until they surrender.

This title is great for players of all ages. Although it’s a fighting style title, players will enjoy the cartoonish vibes and totally safe action.

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Beat the Beat Up! It will be released on Steam later this year.

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