The CPU liquid cooler has an extra fan to cool the M.2 SSD and RAM as well

All-in-one CPU coolers come in many different designs and sizes, the most popular being between 120mm and 360mm. Some use 120mm fans while others use larger 140mm fans, and they have varying cable lengths, and some use RGB lighting while others don’t. However, what almost all of them have in common is one goal: to cool down your CPU. The latest AIO coolers from the InWin series focus primarily on that goal as well, but they’re also cleverly designed to cool the motherboard, RAM, and even an M.2 SSD in one fell swoop.

It aims to achieve this by using an additional fan on the water block. At first glance, I thought this was to keep the built-in pump cool, or to make the block extra cool and, by extension, the CPU underneath. I was wrong.

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