Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition review

There are two campsites when it comes to the original Mass Effect. One admires its relatively archaic RPG sensitivity (the inflated stock and stats affecting how much a sniper rifle wiggles), and estimates that it was a bit closer to classic science fiction than the sequels – more Starship Troopers are the novel compared to the Starship Troopers the movie.

Why review Mass Effect 1?

The legendary version of Mass Effect includes redesigned versions of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, plus most of the DLC. It is sold as a package, and you cannot purchase remodelers individually. Despite this, we decided that only reviewing the first game, which got the biggest overhaul, would be more helpful than reviewing all three together at once. For a broader look, we have also posted a Technical analysis of the entire legendary release.

In Camp Two, the ME1 is seen as a bit clumsy, due to the controls – especially the Mako tank, which flips over its back like a turtle eager to use it in the Voight-Kampff test – and the way it clings to design elements that don’t match the type of story it’s telling . The ME1 promises a complete space captain experience, then has you check-in regularly with a shopkeeper on your ship to make sure you don’t fall behind the gear curve. Kirk never had to deal with that.

I am in the second camp. ME1 is the best when it comes to stepping out of your spaceship into a sci-fi short story with a gun and a conveniently invisible tool to translate strange languages. Although you choose your face, class, and background, you are always an official space captain poking chief Shepherd of Normandy – a ship the appropriate size to run around talking to NPCs between missions – and every planet you land on is another episode of your TV show.

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