KuWFi Mobile USB Gaming Router,Live Streaming Routers Mobile Phone Live Game Routers for Smart Phone no Delay Compatible iOS Android (Lighting+Type-C)

Price: $35.99
(as of May 19,2021 06:41:34 UTC – Details)

Product Description
1. Live streaming Gaming routers
2021 new style live streaming router will not drop, low latency, stable network, and reduce wireless Internet lag
2.USB interface directly to the Internet and supply power for smart Phone
Through the usb interface, it can not only power the mobile phone, but more importantly, it can provide network data transmission, which saves time and effort in live broadcast and game competition.
3. There are many terminal devices, and your smart phone can surf the Internet through the usb router, so you don’t have to worry about the wireless network delay
4.Support System
Compatible with IOS.5 or above and Android 9.0 or above
Type-C/Lightning two kinds of interfaces, need to match special wiring to use (this line can be used to transmit the network) completely solve the problem of freezing and charging during mobile phone live broadcast

Product Detail
Fixed port: 1 LAN uplink port
USB interface: 2 xUSB2.0 interfaces
Power interface: 1 standard DC power interface
Power supply: 12V1A
Indicator lights: 2 xUSB indicator lights + 2 xnetwork port data lights
Working temperature: -10-45℃
Storage temperature: -40-70℃
Working humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing
Lightning protection level: 2kv
Maximum power consumption: 12W (including USB charging function)
Size: 80*65*25mm

【E-SPORTS COMPETITION EXCLUSIVE】 Mobile USB Gaming Router wired Internet. play games to greatly reduce the delay, open the black group at the same time Plug and play, without any settings Reduce latency, high-speed Internet Born for live streaming,stable wired internet access Smooth charging.Low fever. Not hurt the phone
【COMPATIBLE WITH IOS&ANDROID SYSTEM】 The supporting data cable provides Lightning and Type-C data cables, and both iOS & Android. systems are compatible. The device provides 2 USB2.0 ports and 1 LAN uplink port
【USB POWERED AND CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET】 The USB port can also charge the mobile phone while connecting to the Internet, keeping the mobile phone’s wireless battery life, without drop- ping the line, saving time and worry
【HIGH-SPEED LIMITED INTERNET ACCESS LOW LATENCY AND Low INTERFERENCE】 Provide wired high- speed network interface, stand-alone support 2 mobile phones extremely fast networking
【FROM WIRELESS TO WIRED】 Born for live streaming Allows mobile phones to achieve high-speed and stable wired Internet access. and a single machine supports two mobile phones to access the Internet via USB cable, with high relabity and good stabitye

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