Apex Legends update adds new arenas map, ALGS skins, and treasure packs to arenas

The latest update for Apex Legends In the jam-packed Season 9 he adds a new Arenas rotation map – the Thermal Station – and adds a batch of new ALGS skins to the store. The thermal station is in rotation while the artillery is moving out. You can now also get Treasure Packs in Arenas.

It’s a good sign that Arenas maps are actually undergoing rotation changes. Hopefully, this will become a consistent series of updates that make small twists and turns the game mode around.

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ALGS skins are amazing 2,500 Apex Coins, as they are part of a pack – Return‘S / EA’s way to justify that extra money. Fans in the community have already been very vocal about the price of these skins, and most of them are not happy.

However, the ALGS prize pool is directly affected by the sale of these packages. Thanks to the new packages, the tournament prize pool increased from $ 1 million to $ 3 million, which is a very big jump and a big boost to the competitive scene. This reflects the growing success of Apex Legends, as Season 9 was one of the game’s most famous seasons to launch to date.

To continue the quick fixes released since the launch of Season 9, which last week covered the rapid extinctions of Spitfire and Bocek Bow, next week, there are also some other fixes coming for the game.

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Wattson fences will be finally repaired. A bug since the launch of Season 9 has rendered the fences essentially useless, as they do no damage and do not stun enemies. It’s a frustrating bug for Wattson mains, if any remain … Poor Wattson.

Likewise, Arenas’ game mode has resulted in all kinds of vulnerabilities since its introduction. Last week, a patch was made to prevent people from boosting Valkyrie kills in both the shooting range and arenas, and next week, another urgent fix is ​​made to fix some of Arena’s other exploits – thankfully, this has been kept secret by Respawn’s developers.

Overall, the pace of Apex Legends updates is definitely an update. With this week’s ALGS skins, and the Chinatown crossover event coming in early June, and the Crypto’s legacy likely sometime this season, Season 9 looks like it’s crowded for gamers.

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