Why do people love Garrus so much

Garrus was captured in Mass Effect 2 using the Legendary Edition portrait mode. (Image credit: BioWare)

The gorgeous Marsden Down in Mass Effect fell for life in favor of Garrus due to his loyalty. Lots of unnatural characters float in and out of Commander Shepherd’s centrifugal orbit. There’s the gentle tortured killer Thane, the psychotechnic Edgilord Jack, the quick-talking and cold-blooded Morden Solos, and the robot legion who learned how to love. They are all vital components of the rollicking culture of Normandy, and each add their own weirdness and expertise to the granular, ocean-like outfits of the 11th ship. But there is only one of them that sticks to Sheppard through thick and thin: that’s right, the man with the lizard-faced.

They are partners, two sides of the same coin fighting each other until the end.

“When we think of Mass Effect, loyalty is everything between the crew, but the bond between Shepard and Garrus is on another level. At the end of the day, it’s as if the world of Garrus is all about Shepard,” Dawn says. “When he thinks Shepherd is dead, he literally runs on his own suicide mission. Jaros Vaccarian is literally on the brink of death and ready to die on the omega until he sees Shepard and then acquires that desire for life again. When do you love him, of course Shepard and Garros are lovers, but they are more than They are partners, two sides of the same coin fighting each other until the end. “

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the long-awaited re-mastery of one of the greatest trios in modern video game history, Released on Steam. Can’t wait to go back to the blockbuster BioWare era, indelible studio cocktails of compound fuzz of the 1980s, dialogue tree hairdos, and long conversations with your buddies in the deep darkness of deep space. Mass Effect has always been around the people. Biology and Munitions is fun, and side quests are perfect, but for the most part, we’re excited to see all of our friends and lovers again. And in the nine years since the end of Shepherd’s arc, there is one character who broke off the pack. Garrus and Shepard are the primary factors at this point. Nobody comes close.

BioWare once produced the Garrus Body Pillow Cover. (Oh really.) (Image credit: BioWare)

Just take a look at these Reddit threads:Who is your favorite teammate, and why is he Garros? “What made Garrus great?Garros is one of my best team mates ever.“For the more adorable Mass Effect fans, who want something more from Garrus than just his camaraderie and local councilor, here’s Kotaku’s 2017 story titled,”Why do women want sex with Garros. (“He is confident in his job, loyal and fierce as a friend and teammate, but he is not confident and cute as a lover,” so stated in one quote. “He has a very hot voice,” another reads.) The chemistry is going on. Deep, it only got deeper after a decade.

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