La-Mulana 2 – The Oannes DLC is announced

It’s been almost three years since the hard game was released. Metroidvania-Such as No Mawlana 2. After this kind of spillover, any hope for more content will diminish. But fear not, dear adventurers. No Mawlana 2 – Tower of Oannes DLC has been announced, and there is actually a trailer with a little bit of gameplay.

Details about the new DLC are few, but it has been minted recently Steam page Offer a little to chew. No Mawlana 2 – Oannes DLC tower consists of a new map showing Pottery Tower. According to what is written on the page, the map will be equivalent in difficulty to the Temple of Hell. Having not played the game myself, I can only assume that this revelation is very important. I mean, it’s called The Temple of Hell. There’s no way a map with that name can treat you with flowers and puppy kisses. Unless it’s Cerberus, but I probably think too much about it.

β€œThe tribes that were supposed to have gone extinct were discovered living in the ruins of Eg Lanna, the background No Mawlana 2However, the fourth children alone could not be found anywhere. Due to their lack of intelligence, they were not allowed to enter the ruins of Egg Lana! Now, the fourth children’s aspirations are about to emerge! Will they be able to unleash the Ultimate Sealed Force ?!

Damn good question

No Mawlana 2 – The Tower of Oannes DLC doesn’t have a specific release date yet. However, the Steam page claims it will be available this year. DLC will also make its way to the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Humble Store, along with the Steam release.

The trailer above shows some of the sign in question. It also introduces you to a new NPC, which may also be an enemy. He has a head hunter fish, which is either a kind of deity or a part of the hunter’s fish worship. I mean, those statues in the background deserve some note. There seem to be some hints of an evil religion that features orange men with fish for their heads and fish for … oh my God.

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Tim says: Right, but I’ll add some context. The fourth children were fish people who were absent from them No Mawlana 2, So they seem to be taking center stage in this. And yes, it was the Temple of Hell Remarkably Difficult – that means something for a hard and mind-blowing game like Not Mawlana. No comment on crotch fish, and I have a lot of unanswered questions about how this got into the game, but I’m happy to see Oannes finally happen. It has been hinted at, after all No Mawlana 2 Same, but hope was already running out.

Also, Oannes is a wise fishman from Sumerian mythology so that it fits perfectly here as well, especially with archaeological themes.

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