Apex Legends classified servers crash / DDoSed across multiple platforms

Apex Legends servers have ups and downs in ranked games this afternoon. Is it DDoS or are the servers running poorly? The problem only occurs in rankings at the moment, as gamers take to social media to complain about crashes on both console and PC.

These are tricky crashes that go straight into the code: net with no chance to get back in the game. Even the method I covered yesterday is not effective. Although you will not lose RP due to these disconnects, you will likely get a 10-minute abandon penalty.

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Back in April, Samy Duc, chief software engineer at Apex Legends, wrote a blog post detailing the status of Apex Legends servers. The post is in great detail about the server downtime, especially the code: net.

Code: net is a “general message” that may refer to any number of different problems. The post continues to say the best way to help Return EA fixes these issues by reporting issues directly to them.

However, the post did not explicitly talk about the DDosing Server case. Recently, Respawn stated that it is looking to crack down on players who tamper with the server, be it through DDosing or hacking.

Several rated players in Apex Legends were banned back in March, notably in X-Box. The accusations were that they were chopping down servers, and the video evidence at the time was pretty straightforward. These two were two of the top 10 Apex Predators on console.

After those players were banned, Respawn promised a “account” for the console DDosers, though two months had passed and the problem still persisted. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if the server crashes were caused by DDOS attacks or the overall Apex server performance.

This resulted in some very frustrating experiences with the console. Now that’s Xbox and Play Station Sharing their Diamond and Predator lobby, players on both devices are experiencing the same problem.

What is a DDoS attack? A Distributed Denial of Service attack floods requests and crashes the server. There is a method that allows players to target a specific server i.e. the server they are currently playing on.

DDoSers on console will drop down server and go ahead with a run to kill AFK players. It’s an easy way to grow RP, which can be used to boost accounts for money.

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