Shadow Warrior 3 trailer gives a fresh glimpse into the dike mission

It’s hard to believe we’ve actually got to our third reboot Shadow of a warrior But life comes quickly to you. After we have already given it Revealing the previous mission, Publisher Devolver Digital has released a new trailer that appears Shadow Warrior 3That Damn Damn mission. Devolver is set to continue shooting trailers for additional levels as the game’s release approaches Later this year. I’m not sure what Wang is doing near the dam, but all I can say is that it definitely couldn’t be helpful. Trouble tends to follow this guy. Also, this is a series about chopping demons into bits. Kind of a dead giveaway, I think.

The Damn Dam trailer shows us some serious visceral carnage. It’s less focused on the same level and more focused on showing demons bursting with guns – it’s an action game, after all. The trailer features lots of bright colors, as well as many enemies that you will find in the same level as the player switches between double-fire, fast-firing weapons and katana. At one point, Wang jumped an enemy with an eye to his head, only to cut it off. This is some bad business.

Shadow Warrior 3 Dam trailer

Shadow Warrior 3 He sees Lo Wang returning, along with Orochi Zilla, who used to be a bad guy, but now he’s not a bad guy because we need a second player character in order to collaborate. All I can gather about the plot is that there is a dark beast set to unleash the apocalypse, so it’s up to Wang-Zilla to tear apart hordes of demons to stop the attack and lead the world to safety. And there will be many odd lines too, I’m sure. Take a look at the trailer and see the carnage for yourself. Just try not to get bloodied.

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