Among us, Town of Impostors mod gives scammers new abilities

Since its popularity increased, the developers of the game have been killing and mystery Between us Lots of new content has been added. Recently, the airship map was released, to introduce players to a new environment and more missions. Also, the developers have outlined plans to add new colors for crew members and 15 lobbies for players in Future update. However, another aspect that has proven popular is Create mods. right Now , Between us The Ministry of Defense known as Town impostors It can add new roles to the game while giving fraudsters more abilities.

The mod, which was created by user AJMiix, does spice up Between us Equation. There are many roles that you can assign to team members. One of the most unique roles is the agent, who has the ability to access the Intel map from anywhere. This includes cameras, management map, and more. If you are given the role of a plumber, you can use the air vents for travel. However, you will have to use this feature carefully as you may be suspected as a fraud. The informant can complete all his tasks to obtain information about the roles, but the fraudsters will be notified, which puts you at risk.

New ways to be a fraud Between us Town quacks mod

Town impostors Between us The mod gives you new ways to play. One of the most important changes to the game is the ability to drag and drop corpses, even through holes. This feature can be used by a fraudster to frame another player or distract the body from its position. In addition, they can dispose of the object if it is near or inside a ventilation hatch. It is important to note that the blood stain will be left to serve as a guide for crew members. To further deceive others, the Town of Impostors system allows the impostor to sample the player’s DNA in order to disguise themselves as another player.

There are other tricks that fraudsters can use. Examples include decoys and blind traps, which will make you unable to see. You can also poison other players, and inevitably let them die after some time.

If you prefer, you can implement separate fraudster roles, and split capabilities across different fraudsters. AJMiix notes that more roles, mods, and abilities will be added to Town of Impostors Between us Future Ministry of Defense.

Among us impostors town the Ministry of Defense

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