Resident Evil Village – Quick Tips to Get Started (and Kill Less)

Resident Evil Village she has Plenty of features To arrange, so some quick tips are in order. I’ll break down all the things new players should know before jumping in. This way, it will be easier to make some decisions regarding the use of the game’s systems. It is always helpful to know what the resource allocation will look like.

Before we get deeper, I’d like to say that if you like a more tense experience then don’t play the game as standard. Start playing the hardcore, which will be more in tune with the previous games. Standard is pretty easy for most of the game, which will likely carry some old fans.

Resources are not what they were last time

Resident Evil 7 Players drown in resources at the standard difficulty level. By the end of the game, most people will have far more ammo and healing items than they can use. at Resident Evil VillageHowever, things are much rarer. Yes, you will find a lot of ammo and you will be able to craft it, but there is a lot of fighting, which is to be expected. Your rifle will have great use just like last time, but you need a chemical liquid to make the shells. And chemical liquid is required to make remedial materials, just as before. The herbs cannot cure you on their own and must be combined with the chemical liquid.

But the game doesn’t weed at you, at least in my experience. I didn’t have a lot of weeds at the end of the game. You will really want to be careful, lest you run into the ultimate boss and not have enough medication to properly keep yourself alive. You’ll also want to make your shots count, as you won’t be completely out of ammo often, but you can. At one point, the game threw so many enemies at me that I burned all of my pistol and rifle ammo. I had to buy all available stocks from the dealer. And about that. He does not have a large stock. If you were expecting to purchase healing tools and ammo from him after your supplies were burned, you will be disappointed. The merchant sells quickly. It does resupply, but not in large numbers. Be vigilant.

Retreat in the village

The village itself has a lot of treasures and resources to steal. But not all of this is immediately accessible. For example, you will notice a lot of wells scattered around you, but you cannot interact with them until you have the well wheel. Wells contain a lot of treasures, even those that can be combined. You could argue that it is worth looking for. Plus, there are some optional bridges you can lower once you get the windmill crank, so don’t forget to hit those places as well, or you’ll miss out on some really good things. There is an amazing amount of optional content at Resident Evil VillageSo watch out.

Resident Evil Village's tips guide the gameplay

Go fishing

Hunting is a new addition to the series. Sure, you can kill enemies and grab resources from them 4, But in Resident Evil VillageThey’re linked with permanent rewards for Ethan. Some fishing spots are easy to miss, so it pays to look at your map and see if there’s a place to fish when you are in an area other than a village. Fish are especially difficult to come by at times, so bow in the river and dwell on every sucker you see. Otherwise, you could end up with tons of meat clogging up your stock.

You will find pigs, goats, chickens, and fish in the game, and they are all taken down. There are even three mythical animals, so you’ll want to track them down. One of them is a pig next to the hut where the woman and her father were found at the start of the game. Another requires you to lower the bridge by the altar of the flask using the crank of the windmill. Then get on the boat and go left. There is a large fish in a pond near where you will land. Once you have the ingredients, Duke will cook them for you. If you make a dish to improve health, it will also heal you.

Remember to block

Prevent coming back in Resident Evil Village Unsurprisingly, it still matters. There are two blocking upgrades too, so you can ultimately reduce your damage drastically. Simply put, Ethan doesn’t dribble well. If you’re going to be hit, you might as well be banned. It makes a big difference in the amount of damage you take, even if you take very strong punches.

Resident Evil Village's tips guide the gameplay

You can’t catch me

However Resident Evil Village More action packed than its predecessor, you don’t want to fight literally everything. Some enemies It is best left aloneThey can be a huge drain on resources. Enemies are slow and easy to catch, so pull them outside and run. As long as you are moving, most of them cannot hit you. The easiest way to make this decision depends on the amount of space available to maneuver. If you can’t get around an enemy, you have no choice but to fight it, at least a little bit. Even a non-fatal headshot can stun an enemy long enough to be able to bypass it without suffering damage.

Selling old rifles for new ones

You can find a new pistol and rifle through exploration, but the best are sold by Duke once you get to the factory near the end of the game. Feel free to sell what you already have to buy promotions. There is absolutely no reason to own two weapons of one type, as this will be a burden on your inventory. Additionally, there are no item boxes in the Resident Evil Village.

Pipe bombs are your best friend

There are plenty of times you’ll be fighting groups of weaker enemies, which can eliminate your ammo stock. Buy the Duke Tube Bomb Maker and build it when you need it. If there are three enemies standing nearby, it is cheaper to use a tube grenade than to shoot them. In addition, tube bombs are ideal for armored enemies, as one bomb will instantly detonate their armor.

That’s all we have Resident Evil Village Quick Tips. As long as you keep these things in mind, you will be able to put your foot up For anything The game is aimed at you.

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