We hope Battlefield 6 learned from the Battlefield 1 successes

battlefield 6 ads around the corner. It’s May now, and with every Battlefield teaser, trailer, and trailer arriving in May since the start of time, it looks likely that more information will come in the next few days.

If the rumors are to be believed, Battlefield 6 is a modern shooting game, similar to Battlefield 3 or 4, set in the near future, with completely destructible cities and enough server space for massive multiplayer games.

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Despite all of that, I hope Battlefield 6 takes a lesson from Battlefield 1’s book, which is arguably one of the best books. FPS games Released in the last decade.

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Yes, WWI and modern combat 2030 cannot be hardly compared, but the gritty sound design and moments of Battlefield’s sheer brilliance are what I hope Battlefield 6 from Battlefield 1 will keep.

Stormed through the cliffs of Monte Grappa as a plane fell from the sky in a terrible fireball, thirty players trapped in a cache with LMGs and grenades, and two soldiers on a road mission across the slopes in a motorbike with a sidecar: Battlefield 1 had some of the most battlefield Moments from any game in the franchise.

I’ve often heard from die-hard Battlefield fans that the firearms gameplay and the Battlefield 1 era didn’t appeal to them, and that’s okay. This messy and often unrealistic World War I re-imagination was not the cold British cup of tea sprinkled in a muddy pit.

But the game did a lot of things right. Grand Operations are some of the best organic story tellers I’ve tried in any multiplayer shooting game. Tug of war between sides (with no skill-based matchmaking, remember) combat on targets in grueling bullet badges that can last up to an hour provides unparalleled first-person gameplay.

The gameplay was so varied that no two games were the same. Regardless of whether you are playing on a server with the same three process maps when rotating. You just don’t know what is going to happen. Will the enemy team have a tanker capable of holding a point for 25 minutes, or will you be cursed with having a player on your team seated 400 meters away in an artillery truck? Battlefield 1 matches have always felt refreshing, which is one of the reasons why they still have a strong player base to this day.

It’s hard to talk about Battlefield 1’s success without mentioning Battlefield V’s failures. DICE was well on its way to a winning formula, but with Battlefield V they failed to offer anything like the advantages of its predecessor.

Battlefield V is shrouded in controversy, and some of Battlefield V’s best areas are often overlooked, but it was a completely different game. There were glimpses of what would have been possible with the final update to Pacific, but soon after the update was canceled, further development for the game was canceled, as DICE and several other studios turned their attention towards the next game in the franchise.

This brings us to Battlefield 6. There is a lot of comfort to the game’s success. With so many studios working on the title, and at least two or three years of development time, many fans are hoping for a return to the classic Battlefield experience.

In all the hype, there are fears, too. Having multiple studios working on a game is not always a good thing. Design direction can take a few different ways. This is evidenced by the difference in the Battlefield V map design between DICE LA and the original DICE studio, for example.

I just hope you learned Battlefield 6 from Battlefield 1: storytelling, atmosphere and dynamic battles are all the franchise is about. I can give or take 200 servers, destructible buildings and servers. Battlefield 1 offered more than that, and I hope Battlefield 6 does as well.

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