Steam rejects Holodexxx virtual reality experience

“The future of adult entertainment is realistic portraits of adult stars in virtual reality,” according to developer Holodexxx, which takes 3D scanned models based on adult movie stars “and brings them to life using the latest chatbot technology.” As a Holodexxx developer recently explained Blog postAfter being rejected three times over the past year, they have given up trying to sell their vision of the “future of adult entertainment” on Steam.

First, Holodexxx provided a nudity-free “PG-13 Experience” in which a hypothetical model of actor Riley Reid “does a sensual dance” while a video of other scanned models is playing in the background. Tablet explained that porn is not allowed on Steam. ”Next, Holodexxx introduced the Meet Marley app, which gave users the opportunity to check out a naked 3D model based on Marley Brinx’s adult performance. After this was turned down, they asked Valve’s rendering team for more. From clarification, he asked for a “brief outline of what could be allowed on Steam, taking into account our content.” They didn’t receive one, instead being told Valve would “judge our next app upon receiving it”.

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