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The last challenge stands in your way Jinshin effectTwisted world. This match includes a familiar elite enemy who has fought before, Abyss Herald: Sinister Torrents. However, since this is part of the power amplifier starting event there are modifiers that can be a bit problematic. Here we have it Jinshin effect A guide to help you field heresy enemies in the Twisted Kingdom, plus some tips on rates, score, and crystals.

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Jinshin effect The Evidence: Fad Domain for the Twisted Kingdom – Hades Herald, Rates, Crystals, and Tips

Ley Line Disorder: Attendees

The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents are the same elite they encountered during this period Jinshin effect‘s Archon’s “We Will Meet Again” mission.. The difference this time around is the Ley Line disruption that allows the president to generate attendees. Think of these hilichurls as being similar to the ones you spotted in Sphere space worn Two days ago. While alive, they will provide Hobbyists with the Resistance and periodic treatment for the Abyss Herald.

The manager tends to call around four attendees every 30 seconds, so you’d better be prepared to get them out. Once his health declines into a piece of cheese, he turns into the Dark Landing Stage (i.e., the Water Shield) and will not excrete those present anymore.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Evil Torrents Manual Power Amplifier Rate Crystals 1

New modifiers for increased difficulty and scores

Below, you’ll see the heresy domain averages for the Twisted Kingdom at Jinshin effect:

category the average Result / effect
Principal rates Difficulty: easy / normal / difficult / expert Increases your score by x1 / x2 / x3 / x5
Timeout: 10 minutes / 5 minutes / 2 minutes 150/300/400
Increased opponents’ HP: 25% / 100% / 200% 150/300/400
Challenge criteria + 50% cold resistance (enemy) 25
+ 50% physical resistance (enemy) 25
+ 50% attack (enemy) 50
-15% Movement Speed ​​(Gig) 50
-50% Shield Strength (Gig) 25
+ 35% damage boost for 10 seconds after running (party) 25
+ 25% of damage taken after using an elemental blast; Stack up to 4 times (Bartry) 25
-50% Healing Effectiveness (Limb) 25
+ 100% power consumption while jogging (party) 50
Special rates The amount of health regenerated by Abyss Herald from each factor is increased from 5% to 10%. 50
Each attendant increases Hades Attack by 10%. 50
The Abyss Herald unleashes shock waves every 15 seconds. 50
Each round would produce one additional Cryo hilichurl as a goalkeeper. 25

As you can see, the modifiers are designed to greatly enhance the Abyss Herald whenever there are attendees. Heck, even extra archer Cryo hilichurl is there so he can freeze your teammates taking water damage.

The good news is that you won’t even need to specify most of these rates. If you managed to get close to 5,000 points or more in previous Twisted Realm challenges, there’s a good chance you’ll be close to the 20,000 point threshold. This is the highest threshold at which rewards are awarded. In my case, I disabled most of the hobbyists accompanying as well as Cryo Resistance.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 1

Crystal tips

You can use all the crystals you got during the power amplifier’s start-up event Jinshin effect. Here are the ones I chose for clarity:

  • Endless Waltz- I’m fine with this because cycling between characters unleashes a shock wave.
  • Ironbow and Frostbite – Ganyu was the main DPS in this showdown.
  • Timely Rain – This is another great crystal that guarantees a permanent freeze lock.
  • Blast damage, overcharging, and wall iron – these were just extras that would help my party because of the setting.

NB: He was my party members JuneauAnd the ZhongliAnd the Venti, And the Chichi. Since Ganyu was the main DPS, Ironbow and Frostbite both ensured they would have solid buffs after eliminating a few of those in attendance. Likewise, since she and Qiqi are Cryo characters, they are able to freeze opponents once Timeless Rain is activated. Meanwhile, Zhongli and Venti were there to support the team. Zhongli provides additional crowd control and shields, and only Venti can allow the tornado group to collect all of its attendants.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 2

Face Chaos in the Twisted Realm Realm – Elimination of the Abyss: Evil Torrents

Hades Herald: Sinister torrents have the same thing Attacks and abilities like before. Depending on the mods you set, as well as any active hobbyists, these moves can hurt a lot.

Since attendees are hilichurl crowds, using effective crowd control techniques and AoE capabilities ensures they are taken out quickly. In my case, I just moved behind the Abyss Herald to wait for the new oocytes. Then, Hurricane Venti detonated and detonated them with the charged Ganio attack. Since I used Venti Blast, this has led to Operation Timeless Rain to cover everyone in Hydro. With additional Cryo shots, the Abyss Herald and extra hosts (new set spawned every 30 seconds) were quickly frozen.

NB: If you need more crowd control capabilities, blow Zhongli or Ganyu to cause another immortal rain. Then, use Cryo to freeze everyone.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm domain of heresy Abyss Herald Sinister Torrents Power Amplifier Manual Crystals 2a

Keep flipping the Abyss Herald until its health is exhausted. Once he switches to the Dark Landing / Water Shield stage, the encounter becomes much easier. For one thing, you won’t need to deal with attendees anymore. Moreover, due to the transformation into a hydro-entity, you can freeze the Abyss Herald constantly.

Make sure to use items that can counter Hydro (like Cryo and Electro), and you must be able to defeat the boss. If you reach the 20,000 point threshold, go ahead and claim your challenge rewards. Oh, and don’t forget to take everything from starting the power amplifier Event store.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm domain of heresy Abyss Herald Sinister Torrents Power Amplifier Manual Crystals 2b

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