Crying Suns is heading for the Nintendo Switch

Originally released in steam He eventually turned around to cell phoneAnd the Suns crying Now making his way to Nintendo Switch audience. From humble games and Alternate shift The studio comes with this unique tactical experience. Fans will assume the role of the commander of a space fleet who has to explore a fallen empire of unknown design.

This title is a story-rich experience that will push players deep into the unknown. Anyone who enjoys the hex-based strategy will find the gameplay great, and those who don’t will be impressed with the storytelling technique. With rogue-lite features mixed in, this game is a bundle of little-known exploration.

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Suns crying It puts players in an unusual position with a story inspired by Dune And the Enterprise. As players discover facts related to the empire, they will find that the game surprisingly reflects itself in an ancient and unknown world.

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Discover prof The universe was created procedurally With fights between battleships and squadrons. The combat is intriguing, and players will have to fight a threat with tremendous power and control. When they know what has happened, they will be drawn into the depth of the struggle with unknown forces.

The game comes loaded with more than one 300 possible story events For fans to explore. This breaks down into six organized chapters that enhance the dark atmosphere of this unique science fiction experience. Players must survive, and only they can determine what happened to a collapsing empire.

In the story, players enter a world where Galactic empire Has been shattered to pieces. OMNIs are an asset to humanity that was once the servants of humanity. After shutting down under mysterious circumstances, humankind must live alone in an effort to avoid extinction.

Play as a clone of Admiral Ellis Idaho as you face a galactic threat. As one of the best star-breaking imperial admirals ever, you are tasked with saving all mankind and reactivating OMNIs.

The The story is moving, Nicely split action, heavy overall effect. This is a good title for anyone with a deep science fiction experience mixed with a host of unknown mayhem.

As for the players, anyone who is able to understand the tactical endeavors of this game will enjoy it immensely. It appears to be aimed at teens and the elderly, but younger audiences may find it fun to watch the galaxy shatter and burn.

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The game is heading to the Nintendo Switch but is already available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices at varying prices.

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