The Yakuza series will continue to focus on turn-based combat

For those unaware, Sega announced a sequel to the action-packed detective game Rule Earlier in the day. The original game was a spin-off of Yakuza The series, puts you in Takayuki Yagami’s bloodstained shoes as he overcomes the streets of Kamuroshu. And the faces of criminals, of course. The game and its sequel are called Lost judgment, Will continue Yakuza Fighting style in the series’ Action. However, according to creator Toshihiro Nagushi, the future is Yakuza Games will continue to use turn-based battles, and carry the torch that catches them first Like a dragon.

IGN caught With Nagoshi and Yakuza Producer Kazuki Hosokawa asks them how to distinguish the two franchises. According to the developers, Yakuza and Judgment are skewed in terms of combat. For those who have fallen in love with the dirty quarrels of the two franchises, only one will satisfy the bloodletting.

The franchises would continue with the combat system their predecessors defined. Lost judgment It will advocate “signature gameplay” of bike swing and fist-throw action, while futuristic Yakuza games continue RPG combat. As for the latter, this precedent has been laid before Yakuza: Like a dragon, The seventh main entry of the series. It stars the lovable Ichiban Kasuga, whose unbridled imagination turns into fights Dragon adventureLike encounters. It was just silly and fun, And we loved it. Get more turn-based combat in Yakuza Sounds like a good plan.

Yakuza is like a flambe dragon

Future from Yakuza And the RuleIt’s more than just a fight

We are now on the verge of finding out what happened to the concessions. Lost judgment, While not turning to PC (yet), Yagami continues to search for the truth. But what about Yakuza? Nagoshi and Hosokawa have confirmed that we will one day see Yakuza 8 (Still like a dragon?). Will you continue to start Ichiban? His comeback is very likely, as series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu has hung his disco jacket on forever Yakuza 6. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next Lost judgment It will be released on September 24 to hear what Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio will cook next.

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