Tactical Breakout Witches enter the Magic Door in closed beta

Tom Francis Spell Strategy Tactical Breach Handlers I took a limited beta test on Steam, and the developer released a new trailer for the game to show more mystery tactics.

The brief mission shows the magical synergies of the two superhero performers. We introduced us to Navy Seer, who can use his farsightedness to see where enemies are moving and shoot, and create traps that can be activated with Storm Witch’s knockout spells. He can even give his teammates a small manual boost from Mana, which makes him a valuable tool for controlling the field.

There’s a lot to juggle with ideal mode, mana management, abilities and goals – aside from disgruntled cops pointing guns your way. Fortunately, Breach Wizards allow you to freely rewind moves before ending your turn. Useful for balancing all the moves at your disposal, although I can easily imagine spending away, with very long pain over whether I am doing the perfect play.

A witch contemplates her tactical arsenal

(Image credit: Suspicious developments)

Francis also made a slight design change to some of the characters – specifically, “Witch Cop” Jen, who is now a private investigator with no connection to the police. Although the game was never played as cops, its design clashed with this framework and made uncomfortable comparisons to police in the real world.

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