All Resident Evil Village Maze Ball locations

There are four maze puzzles from Resident Evil Village that can be solved for all kinds of rewards that you can sell as you continue to explore Castle Dimitrescu. And given the villains of the future you’ll encounter and the gear you’ll need to take them out, you won’t want to miss these intricate statues.

As you’ll likely see shortly after entering the castle, maze puzzles first require you to find a corresponding ball. With that in hand, you can drop it into the relevant maze and tilt the model with WASD – while ensuring you miss any risks that take you back to the start – until you reach the set target. This will open the closed drawer below to free your treasure. So here’s our Resident Evil 8 maze ball location guide to help you find them all.

Maze Ball locations

Maze 1

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Resident Evil village castle maze

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Resident Evil 8 Ball Castle

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  • Maze location: Connected to Hall of Four. The duke appears here later.
  • Pink Swords Ball Location: Above the opera hall (2F)
  • Reward: A scarlet skull

Maze 2

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Resident Evil Village garden maze

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Resident Evil 8 garden maze

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  • Maze location: Near the park
  • Sun and Moon Globe: In a box above the tombstone between the suspension bridge and the garden (opposite the maze)
  • Reward: Skull Onyx

Maze 3

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Village Resident Evil Ball Mermaid

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Resident Evil Mermaid Ball website

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Resident Evil Labyrinth Site 8

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  • Maze location: Outside, near the entrance to the observatory. Clear green mud to climb the yellow ladder and wander.
  • Mermaid ball site: In the same maze areas, after the door that requires a crank. Open the door and go up the road. Circle the left-hand side and the ball at the candle-lit shrine.
  • Reward: Openwork skull

Maze 4

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Resident Evil Village Ball Mold

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Resident Evil 8 ball mold site

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The Resident Evil Village Foundry site

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Resident Evil Village Maze website

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  • Maze location: Opposite the Duke’s Store at Heisenberg Factory (B4).
  • Iron Horse Ball: First find a ball mold at the factory (located in a small room near the ventilation duct and mill shaft at Heisenberg, B2). Take the mold to a foundry (Heisenberg’s Factory, MB4) to make the ball.
  • Reward: Skull sister

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