Paradox has temporarily discontinued Imperator: Rome, and will not release anything for it this year

Pre-digital PDXCON Scheduled for later this month, Paradox division and portfolio manager for strategy games Bevan Davies has posted. Update in the official forum To explain the organizational changes in the studio. Davis said that with more than 150 developers now in Paradox Development Studios, the restructuring has split them into three teams – each working on separate projects. Unfortunately, none of these projects exist The Emperor: Rome.

“We realized that there was a need to introduce reinforcements to some projects in the PDS, and given where Imperator was in the lead up to the release of version 2.0, we decided that after launching the update, people moved from the imperator to these other projects,” Davies explained. Although no one is working on Imperator: Rome at the moment, and there won’t be “any new content coming out in 2021,” the plan is to finally come back.

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