Battlegrounds Mobile India, Battlefield Mobile: Two upcoming battle games

Will PUBG Mobile Return to India? As of today, there appears to be a great opportunity. A previous leak suggested that PUBG Mobile makers may be returning the game with a different name – Battlegrounds Mobile India. A leaked poster hinted that the essence of the game would remain unchanged while carrying a new name. For PUBG fans, that’s good news. Read also – PUBG Mobile India now Battlegrounds Mobile India reveals the latest leak

However, EA wants to control this space through two addresses from the privileges of its computers. One of them is Apex Legends Mobile, Which is already in the public beta phase, while the other is under development. call Battlefield MobileIt is said to bring the PC version experience in a way that is better for mobile. Read also – PUGB Mobile India is posting a teaser for the launch on its YouTube channel, and deletes it for later

Both of these games come to the mobile platform, and if you’re passionate about these two, here’s a compilation of everything we need to know. Read also – PUBG Mobile banned 1,498,738 players between April 16 and 22

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Renamed PUBG Mobile

Battlefields of mobile India

Actor’s photo: PUBG Mobile

Mobile Battlefields India It basically appears to be an attempt by Crafton to bypass the ban in India. From the joke, it appears that the developers have simply made a name change to PUBG Mobile. With the addition of the “India” tag to the name, this version can be highly customized to India in the form of localized in-game elements.

A previous report suggested that players can expect to follow in-game purchases and progress from PUBG Mobile to the Indian version. Violent influences such as blood splash will be mitigated and there may be more features dedicated primarily to India.

Most importantly, Battlegrounds Mobile India will meet the government’s requirements to restart its operations in India. A few months ago, Krafton said he would partner with Microsoft to store player data inside India. This can help enforce superior user privacy and data protection.

For now, Krafton has not officially announced the name change. Additionally, there is no fixed release date for this renamed version of PUBG Mobile.

Battlefield Mobile: A new experience in Call of Duty Mobile

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5

EA brings the Battlefield franchise to mobile with Battlefield Mobile. Although there is no imagination to come up with a better and exciting name, the developers are promising a brand new game built from scratch.

“You can expect a full skill-based experience,” says Oscar Gabrielson, DICE General Manager. The game was developed by Industrial Toys in collaboration with EA. Battlefield Mobile is said to be a derivative of the PC version but will likely be optimized for mobile devices with better touch controls.

EA hasn’t released details about the game’s features yet, apart from the fact that it will feature a Battle Royale mode. Since EA did some exciting stories in previous Battlefield titles, you can expect a solid story mode that arrives in the game as well.

The game is currently in testing phase and will go online in 2022 without a specific date yet. Until then, players can try Call of Duty Mobile and Garena FreeFire.

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