Where in the world does Forza go next in Horizon 5?

Since 2012, the fairytale Horizon Festival has brought virtual crowds together in Forza A world of great music and fast cars in hot spots around the world. It’s been three years since the last festival started in Horizon 4In the UK, making it the longest supported festival in the series. Playground Games, the brains behind the action, is steadily producing new content every few weeks. But fans note that the latest updates have gotten a little lightweight in recent months. This, combined with the time spanning since the last title was released, has caused suspicions to rise about Forza Horizon 5Especially for maps and location.

With th Forza horizon Being a completely open world the series, the local language of each title, in and of itself, is fundamentally a character. And that’s really what all the humming is about when it comes down to it Forza Horizon 5. Where will the host country be? Playground Games or Microsoft didn’t say anything; There is not even an official announcement for the game itself. However, Some sources She leans that her map is a hypothetical representation of Mexico. Other rumors suggest it may even be the Caribbean Puerto Rico. Either way, both rumors contradict what a large number of fans have been hoping for: Japan.

Instead of trying to add more fuel to the blaze of speculation surrounding these rumors, we decided instead to delve into each common site and discuss why they all made a great map alongside Forza horizonUnique gameplay formula and world mechanics.

Forza Horizon Japan Drift Racing

Japan: A Paradise for Drifters

Japan is the most wanted map ever Forza Horizon 5 Not surprising. It has played a huge role in car culture over the years, especially during the mid-2000s when the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) scene was at its peak. Wide body kits, massive wings, intricate paint jobs, and neon bottom skirts – that’s a Japan racing scene in short. Although this aesthetic was not as popular as it once was, however Horizon The titles still pay tribute to them over the years by including a variety of JDM legends on their lists, such as the coveted Toyota Supra. Hence, moving to a virtualized version of where it all started has been high on the priority list for many fans.

Other video games have appeared on the blazing streets of big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto before. They will be especially welcome in A. Forza horizon The game, though, is due to the absolute fact that no map in the series features much modern cityscapes. It will be the closest to this yet is Horizon 3Surfers Paradise, Australia. But, this is a very small area of ​​skyscrapers and hardly an urban sprawl within the game. Thus, the setting Horizon The title in Japan would give Playground Games a chance to capture the true thrill of urban streets. But why stop there?

Forza Horizon Japan Race Drift 2

Outside of its major cities, Japan is also a very geographically diverse country. Its winding mountain roads will be a dream come true for drift area lovers. Not to mention, the countryside would be ideal spots for dusty events. Being a large archipelago, Japan also has a healthy mix of biomes. From extremely cold, rocky terrain in the north to warmer tropical climates in the south, this island nation will allow an easy comeback for the current seasonal swap mechanic. Forza Horizon 4 It was built around.

Forza Horizon Mexico Desert

Mexico: New Frontiers

Mexico and Japan could not be more different in terms of geography. But that’s also the reason why it’s a good fit for Forza horizon a map.

Being a large country, Mexico has a lot of different regions that landscape designers can draw from to create a custom map. The drier, rocky areas in the north, along with the wetter wooded areas towards the south, would be well suited for dirt and offroad races. The colonial architectural style of its cities and towns will form a beautiful backdrop for the road events. This type of architectural feature has never appeared anywhere Horizon The title is pre-dated, so it’s sure to keep things fresh.

FH Mountain Powerslide

Playground games can use landscaping and terrain building techniques that you learned while doing Horizon 4Developing it to carve a solid copy of Mexico. It has a lot more vertical terrain, than the UK. So, not only can this feature make a comeback, but it can be expanded with more technically challenging areas to test off-road driving skills and create more fun moments in the wilderness.

Given the diverse set of geographical and topographical features of Mexico, it is certainly not a bad contender for the following traits: Horizon Destination. However, there remains the question of its Caribbean cousin: Puerto Rico.

FH Tropical House

Puerto Rico: a Caribbean cruise

Of all the countries on the list, Puerto Rico is definitely the exotic country. It’s not really a land that’s usually thought of in the context of a video game. But that doesn’t make him anything less than a decent contestant.

Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean in terms of population and land size. Its geography is not as diverse as Japan or Mexico, but it still has a host of unique features that would allow it to be an interesting playground to explore in Forza horizon Game. Its dense rainforests will respond to the call of the wilderness for off-road driving lovers, and the gorgeous tropical cityscape of San Juan will be a beautiful backdrop for road racing. I traveled to San Juan on the The real life And he was very fascinated by its beautiful colonial architecture. Similar to Mexico, it’s a style we’ve never seen in the series before, so it would be a welcome addition.

Forza Horizon 5 site map of Puerto Rico rainforest

Being a Caribbean island, Puerto Rico does not have much in terms of seasons; It is either hot with no rain or hot without rain. However, hurricanes often hit the island. Playground Games can use similar items for the Fortune Island expansion Forza Horizon 4 To the challenges of harsh weather.

Puerto Rico’s relatively small size compared to any of the other rumored options or maps we’ve seen before would also make it reasonably easy to simulate. This means that Playground Games can create a more accurate representation instead of a simplified incorporation of popular regions of a country, like we’ve seen in the past. Horizon Titles. Of course, mapping an entire island will take a lot of effort, so some simplification is still likely to be made. In theory, however, this could be the most complicated Horizon Map yet.

Forza Horizon 5 Site Map Puerto Rico Beach Drifts

Decisions decisions

Imagining about tearing these different locations apart is exciting, but it remains unclear which one has the best chance of being the next map in Forza Horizon 5. They all have unique traits that make them great choices. But, given that all of this is driven by hearsay and speculation, for now, there is no true account of what is emerging. We might discover that in another two months’ time at E3 2021, that’s where it is Forza horizon Titles have been revealed historically. Having said that, there is still the subject of the series sibling, Forza Motorsport Also being in production.

Microsoft never released an entry from every branch of the franchise during the same year. However, this was also the longest release hiatus for both series, and there’s now a strong push for new content to support the new Xbox Series consoles. All this means that we may be dealing with a double problem this year. This isn’t a guarantee, though.

Forza Horizon 4 Windfield Rally Jumping

Regardless, wherever Playground Games decide on the next adventure map Forza Horizon 5, It’ll be great. the previous Horizon The titles prove their mapping and landscape designers are extremely adept at their work. Regardless of the country chosen, the virtual festival will be fun to drive.

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