All questions answered in Apex Legends Mobile: compatible phones and maps

Apex Legends Mobile is nearly ready for mobile gamers and is in beta testing. The game is based on Apex Legends, which is a free battle royale game that can be downloaded on PC, Xbox, and PS4 / PS5. EA has already made the game page official on Google Play and described what all players can expect from the game. Read also – Apex Legends Mobile early access available on Android: how to get it

Last week, EA was officially released Advertise First beta program for Apex Legend Mobile launched. The game is initially available to players to play on Android only for players in India and the Philippines. EA explained that the first edition will only be released for a few thousand players, and others who want to participate in the beta will have to wait their turn. Read also – Battlefield Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile can make waiting for PUBG Mobile worthless

Such as Apex Legends Mobile The beta version is running in beta, and EA has taken it upon themselves to clarify some doubts. Read also – First look at Apex Legends Mobile for Android users in India: FPS / TPS shooter with new capabilities

Answer to Apex Legends Mobile questions


EA explains that the beta version of Earl access is limited to Android users only in India, with the Philippines being selected in the following list. The game will eventually be launched around the world as part of a series of tests. The beta version will also arrive on iOS in the future. In a few months from now, Apex Legends Mobile will have a webpage dedicated to pre-registering the betas. EA advises against downloading the APK file from another website.

Will all beta players have access to the game?

Apex Legends Mobile

Currently, players in India and the Philippines can pre-register on Google Play. After that, players will be automatically notified of the same when the game is available for download. “Beta slots are limited, so those who pre-register are not guaranteed to enter them immediately, but you will definitely enter them in a later release. Please note that this testing is an invitation only test with a server registration limit on a first-come-first-served basis,” says EA.

Purchase and pricing

Similar to the PC version, Apex Legends Mobile will be free to play. EA maintains that there will be no paid items to give someone an advantage over others. However, players can purchase battle tickets, cosmetics, and unlockable items. These items will be different from those found in the PC and console versions.

Compatible smartphones

As of now, EA says that the Apex Legends Mobile beta supports Android phones running Android 6 and later. However, the supported devices for beta testing did not represent the final version that was launched. The game will be improved for more phones in the future. IPhone and iPad users need to wait for official support.

Primary and exclusive features

Apex Legends Mobile

EA will not bring the crossplay feature to Apex Legends Mobile as it was developed keeping the mobile platform in mind. “To start, only the World’s Edge map and some of the original legends from the game will be playable. Additional details on available content will be added near the launch of the game,” says EA on the Blog. The developers say they are trying to take the Apex Legends experience to the mobile platform. The game is developed by mobile game developers and the original Apex Legends team.

What happens to beta players after the stable release?

Those who play Apex Legends Mobile as part of beta testing will not be able to continue their in-game progression to the stable version. Hence, players will have to start from scratch in the stable version.

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