The external downloadable content is likely Wilds, referenced by the specific publisher

Everyone’s favorite open-world puzzle game, Outer prairie, It may receive some downloadable content in the future. The game is currently overwhelmingly positive Rated on Steam, So it’s nice for players to be happy to be back in the game. The first big clue is that New SteamDB entry, Which appeared on April 28. The downloadable content appears to be titled Echoes of the Eye and presumably will cast players in the role of some kind of bat eye doctor. Well no, you totally did this last part. But that would definitely be a thing, wouldn’t it?

The Twitter user who initially tweeted about the SteamDB page was later republished by a publisher Outer prairieAnnapurna Interactive. His tweet was a one-eye emoji. Get it? Echoes of the eye. It has the word “eye” in it. Brilliant. The game developer has also retweeted it with different eye emojis. That seems to be what constitutes rhetoric now. What time is right to be alive. Or the fifth eye. I will see myself out.

There’s no release date or, well, any kind of official announcement regarding the DLC release yet. You may want to keep something exfoliated. I can’t think of the phrase.

Wild and crazy covers

Outer prairie Originally released in mid-2019 to Widespread acclaim. It even won a BAFTA award. You’re not sure what exactly to do with one of those Tuscan invaders rides. But this is irrelevant, is it? The game takes place in space and sees players exploring an open environment to find a way to break free from a time loop. Of course, there are survival items. The oxygen levels must be kept in good condition, so that players do not find themselves like Major Tom, except for the tin can. We’ll have more about the potential DLC as it was announced.

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