Sovereign Edition gets release date May 19

A Sky Without Sun: Sovereign Edition Finally a release date after a one-year delay. Today developer Failbetter Games announced that the final update to the 2019 Gothic Horror RPG game will begin May 19. A Sky Without Sun: Sovereign Edition It will include all previously released content, as well as new game and story mods. Stream A sky without sun PC players will get a Sovereign Edition The update, while new players can purchase the fully improved game.

according to AdvertisingFailbetter made some major changes to A sky without sunHunger Mechanics. “Captains will now find a host of increasingly questionable gastronomic options available to them as despair grows,” the post said. The announcement did not reveal exactly what the players could eat. We’re kind of afraid to know.

On a less serious note, the developer has also shifted the character’s progression, including additional options for shaping the characters’ pasts. Even after level 20 maximum, players can still develop their character’s skills. in addition to, A Sky Without Sun: Sovereign Edition It will include more trading options, another weird engine, and “hundreds of bug fixes”.

new A Sky Without Sun: Sovereign Edition The release history section displayed some of the new aspects and mechanics of the game. Check out the video below.

A long time is coming

For those unfamiliar, A sky without sun It is a top-down gothic horror adventure where players control a flying locomotive along with several crew members. Players can choose to follow different narrative paths as they travel between worlds and fend off dangerous enemies. The game takes place 10 years after its predecessor, A sea without sun.

A Sky Without Sun: Sovereign Edition I was Previously announced In 2019. Failbetter initially anticipated an early 2020 release, but a series of delays pushed it into this spring. In announcing the release date, the developer mentioned that the “large scale” of the update was the reason for its delay.

“It turned out to be very difficult to achieve the level of performance improvements we wanted,” said Failbetter. “But now everything is fine, and we are very happy to be able to share it with you.”

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