I’d like this to be a real LEGO Prince of Persia please

Thanks to Lego Ideas, a portal where Lego creators can submit specific designs and vote on those who want to see them in action, Lego has made some Rad kits like Saturn V And the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1. Video game designs are being introduced to Lego Ideas all the time, but few are ever created – I suppose for rights reasons more often than disinterested. It’s a long shot, but I sure would love to see this one Prince of Persia Standard Creator Group actually getting green light.

The aesthetic is right here. I immediately recognized the color palette (DOS version, naturally): the turquoise doors, yellow hallways, and those arched windows above the guards waiting to be cut to pieces. I especially like the arrows at the bottom of the deck that repeat health bars for you and your opponent.

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