Civic Education Handbook – Ideologies for Improving the Stability of Your Empire

As you build your empire in it HumanityIn this article, you will notice that you can choose different types of civics. Your choice will shape certain aspects of your community. The rewards may be small at first, but there are those that can completely change the rules of the game. Likewise, there are certain aspects that affect the stability of your empire. Here we have it Humanity A guide to help you with civic education, stability, and choosing the right ideologies while you expand further.

NB: This guide is based on Building Victor OpenDev, And we will update it accordingly as we get closer to the release date.

HumanityCivic and Settlement Education Handbook – The Ideologies Shaping Your Society

Stability of your empire

After you have established your capital in Humanity, You will be able to earn Civil Points. The points themselves are based on the stability of your empire. If you have a small number of garrisons, Wonders of the World, Or confirmed Civilization / special cultureThen you can get some bonus points in a jiffy.

As a tip, you can click on the civics button to show a world map overlay. This map mode tells you the influence of empires over different regions (for example, territories can “flip” into another player’s sphere of influence).


Open up new civic dilemmas and spectrum of social aspects

To be honest, I am actually not sure how to solve the new civil dilemmas. Suffice to say, they appear to appear randomly, although there may be specific unlock requirements for them.

What I do know is that once you are prompted with a dilemma, you can see which aspects of your community your choices could affect. You will also see a bar or scroll bar with small dots.

Face First choice the second choice
Social dynamics Collective
+ 10% Industry (cities / outposts)
+ 10% cash (cities / outposts)
Nationalism homeland
+ 10% food (towns / outposts)
+ 4% food for each alliance (cities / outposts)
Perfect government freedom
+4 influence (territories)
+4 turns before being diverted by the influence of others (regions)
Teachings tradition
+4 Faith (Territories)
+ 10% Flag (Territories)

Note 1: Depending on which option you choose for civil, it will move either to the left or right of the spectrum. The points on the far left and the far right allow you to get the maximum possible returns mentioned above.

Note 2: However, if you try to stay near the middle of the range, you’ll get a stability bonus as well as a fraction of the perk. For example, if you start leaning towards “individualism”, but not enough to reach the far right, you can get +10 stability and +3 money (cities / outposts).


Choose your civic education

If you are concerned about the stability of your empire, try to choose a good civic education. Keep in mind that some options will nudge you towards the extreme edges of the spectrum. The benefits of stability can be lost if your society focuses too much on a certain mindset.

Anyway, here is civic education in it Humanity And the specific class they are a part of. The list is actually incomplete because I haven’t found a way to unlock others yet.

category A civil dilemma First choice the second choice
Ministry and politics Founding myths Natural right
+5 main arena influence
Divine Mandate
+5 Faith in the Holy Site
Leadership Small board
+1 city cover
+1 city cover
Laws, crime, and civil cases legitimacy Customary laws
The “party” status applies to new cities
-20% costs of attaching an outpost and accommodating city procedures
Army The composition of the army Recruits
-20% Unit Manufacture Cost
Professional soldiers
+1 combat power
Independent peoples Armies of mercenaries
-20% Army hire cost
Integrated peoples
-20% cost absorption
Army wages Wages paid
+ 50% money and -4 Loot (Army) fighting strength
Looted wages
– 50% money and +4 Loot Force (Army)
Public spending and investment Core values General Security
-50% cost of making health infrastructures
General happiness
– 50% recreational infrastructure manufacturing cost
Land rights Communal lands
-20% the cost of establishing the outpost
It allows you to claim, attach, and merge areas with money rather than impact
Knowledge Powers The wisdom of the wise
+1 flag for each researcher (cities / outposts)
Foreign innovations
+1 flag for each number of trade routes (cities / outposts)
Industrial production Nationalized industries
+1 farmer slot for each neighborhood with farmers (cities / outposts)
Privatized industries
+1 dealer slot per market quarter (cities / outposts)
Everyday life Slaves Criminal slaves
+1 industry in Commons Quarter
Slaves of war
+1 Population increase when looted
Cultural and artistic issues A cultural blessing Monoculture
+5 turns before being diverted by the influence of another empire (regions)
+5 main arena influence
Freedom of the press freedom of expression
+ 20% Net Civil Points
Prevents any imperial revolution
Religious beliefs Religious rites Denominational rituals
The work “parade” opens
Personal rituals
-10% cost of making the religious quarter
Religious tolerance open minded
+5 effect on territories if they follow your country’s religion
Religious hostility
+5 faith in regions under the influence of religion; Opens work “fad”
scientific facts Harmonic
+5 Sacredness
+2 Faith in the Holy Places
Religion secularism
Be immune to religious grievances from other empires; All civic education will be closed and the invested civic education points will be compensated
State atheism
– Alien strength bonus of 75%;
+ 25% faith in the regions that follow the religion of your country; All civic education will be closed and the invested civic education points will be compensated

Human Civilians Stability Handbook 1

Here are some basic principles to keep in mind:

  • Foundational myths (natural right), religious tolerance (open minded), and cultural blessing (multiculturalism) are important if you want to have Generate higher impact.
  • Powers of knowledge (wisdom of sages) and scientific facts (consensual) are great for additional science.
  • Army composition (professional soldiers) helps a little more in making units more powerful.
  • As for the Irreligion Dilemma, both options will actually lock down all the civics you selected while redeeming the points you previously used. You will also lose the benefits from this civic education.

Human Civilians Stability Handbook 2

Humanity Will be fired across steam On August 17th.

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