War zone by a new bug in the map

Hey, remember when Raven Software The old Verdansk map was blown up with nuclear weapons at Call of Duty: A War Zone Players brought back in time to Versdansk ’84? That was just a few days ago, and one of the main reasons for this was to allow developers more room to maneuver when it comes to it Identify glitches. However, the opposite happened instead, with New War zone A bug that allows players to get to the bottom of the Verdansk ’84 map (again) to cheat.

Disgruntled players have taken Reddit To share their frustrations. In this case, the cheaters are placed under the map near the airport in order to get easy kills. What makes it easy for them is the fact that other players are unable to see them and fight.

It wouldn’t be a big problem if it was War zone Map glitch is limited to the airport only. Other reports indicated that the problem is occurring across the map. The stadium, train station, TV station, and downtown areas all seem to suffer from the same problem.

Those who take advantage of the Verdansk ’84 bug definitely don’t play by the rules, but even the game’s mechanics can’t stop them. If the circle starts closing, they can even exit from the bottom of the map. It really does not give legitimate players an incentive to compete against such odds.

Verdansk '84 Call of Duty: Warzone not saving from a new map glitch

Popular problems

Call of Duty: A War Zone It’s a massive game, which means thousands of players always join it. There are bound to be problems, yeah, but history of flaws in that War zone It was awful. Even with the new Verdansk ’84 map we’re going back to some of the same old issues right away.

How cheaters find all these map holes in such a short time is something far from me. The Quality Assurance team has a lot of work to do over the next few days. Otherwise, this could be Infinite stimulation defect All over again.

Below is an airport glitch map from CODWarzone

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