The new job listing confirms that Respawn is working on a new IP address

Over the past two years, Respawn Entertainment has given players hours and hours of entertainment with its products. The The Fall of Titan a seriesAnd the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, And the Apex Legends I contributed a lot to the gaming world, but it seems the team doesn’t stop there. a Post a new job Indicates a new IP coming our way from Respawn Entertainment. This new project will be implemented in a small nursery team as of now.

The new employee will join as a ‘Software Engineer for the Incubation Team’. Whoever takes the position will have some expected responsibilities, with some other interesting bits and pieces. Respawn remains committed to its no-crisis and overtime policies, as mentioned on the list. Nice to see.

As for this new IP, the developer will look for new ways to allow players to venture to the “heat death of the universe”. Adventure thousands of years is not something you really do climaxSo it seems reasonable to take the folks at Respawn Entertainment say that this is a new IP address.

Building blocks

An engineer who comes on board the ship must also have an understanding of vector mathematics and linear algebra. These traits indicate that this will most likely be a great looking 3D game.

New Job List Confirms Respawn is Working on New Ip (2)

The fact that the studio is working on something new and looking for reinforcements is not surprising. A similar job was first spotted earlier this year. This time, he’s getting more attention. It was first shared by developer Steven Kah on Twitter, and it was finally confirmed once studio head Vince Zampella got into the conversation and gave it a push.

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