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I was following HumanityEvolve for a while. I started with OpenDev first session In August last year, followed by Lucy Building Several months later. In fact, I even consider Amplitude Studio’s latest 4X offering as one of mine Most awaited games 2021. However, due to the delay, we will not see it launch this month. Instead, players will get a chance to experiment HumanityBuilding Victor OpenDev (named after Victor Hugo).

As stated in Humanity‘s Steam store pageThe Victor OpenDev session is available from April 22 to May 3 for those who played the previous Lucy OpenDev game, as well as those who pre-ordered the game. Although your ride is completely open, you only get 150 turns to get a feel for the mechanics (roughly until the beginning of the modern era). I have delved into, tested different cultural groups and see some worthwhile strategies. Despite my impressions about Humanity At this point it was mostly positive, I noticed some problems the longer I continued.

New arrivals from the Neolithic period

Similar to Lucy OpenDev, HumanityBuilding your own Victor OpenDev made you start in the Neolithic period. At this stage, you will be searching for interesting things, hunting wildlife, or increasing the population / units in your army.

If you meet the requirements, you will be able to choose a culture (for example, HumanityCopy of civilizations, nations, or factions). This allows you to advance to the ancient era and your outpost can be transformed into your capital.

HMCD Vc Opdv 1a

During my first tour, I went with the Egyptians who are expert builders. This allowed me to build their symbolic zone, the Egyptian pyramids. From there, I reviewed the requirements to earn more “Era Stars” (so I could reach the next era). Achieving these goals allows you, among other things, to gain “fame” (the game scoring system that determines the winner).

As you progress, you will meet other cultures and cultivate your lands by building neighborhoods / neighborhoods. The provinces in which it is built Humanity Takes advantage of resources located in a particular slab automatically. For example, if you see a meadow or dry grassland, this will usually provide food. Ergo, you’ll want a quarter of a farmer in that. On the contrary, you will build a makers neighborhood on forests, hilltops and stone fields as it provides industry (aka production / hammers).

You are restricted to one city or outpost per region (shown on the world map). However, you can choose to demolish more areas on the surrounding tiles as per your needs. You’ll have to note adjacent bonuses as well, since counties with similar returns provide additional bonuses when they’re close together.

HMCD Vc Opdv 1b

Culture groups

As mentioned earlier, in my first campaign I chose the Egyptians, Victor OpenDev. When I had enough Era Stars, I chose the Egyptians again. This rewarded me with fame because I “outpaced” the same culture over multiple eras.

In fact, you can pick the same culture over and over again to collect rewards, even though your unique loneliness will collapse. In the case of the Egyptians, the Markabata is the unique unit from the antiquity which became archaic and superior later in the game.

HMCD Vc Opdv 2

In another theatrical run, I went with this option: Mycenaeans (Old Age) -> Huns (Classical Age) -> Umayyads (Middle Ages) -> Umayyad Transcendence (Early Modern Era). This was actually inspired by Posted by Redditor BrunoCPaula Who suggested a very “cliche” way to win. Compared to the Egyptian Masons, the Huns are a military culture. They are able to immediately form an army of rabble from the townspeople. What BrunoCPaula proposed was to raise this angry army, bring it to an outpost, disband those units (making this outpost gaining population), and immediately deploy the Hunik Horde.

I did this operation in several outposts, and soon I received dozens of killer riders. With the knights close to me unstoppable, I quickly dislodged my nearby opponents. Even in high odds, it looked as if the AI ​​had no actual counter to this strategy as Hunnic Hordes were able to move and attack twice during the same turn.

Mankind Victor Obendev preview impressions 2a

Since the Huns cannot enclose the outposts, the construction of my city and the domestic servants will suffer. Fortunately, I managed to reach the Middle Ages to switch to the Umayyads. As a science-focused culture, I quickly connected the remaining outposts to my present-day city. After that, I built grand mosques, research quarters, and wonders of the world to boost my tech productivity.

She remained with the Umayyads until the beginning of the modern era. Though, to be fair, the game was already won by that time. I managed to boycott three countries (all of them offered gold to fill my treasuries). I also made sure to influence and bribe the smaller factions so that I could absorb them into my empire. By the time I finish the 150th, I have finished my run on Victor OpenDev Humanity, You were ahead of the next AI opponent by more than a thousand fame points.

Mankind Victor Obendev preview 2b impressions

Some problems with HumanityBuilding Victor OpenDev

It is clear , HumanityVictor OpenDev only shows us a glimpse of the mechanics of the game, but it’s not the end product. There were some noticeable issues that I ran into such as the units becoming invisible (I had to use the unit board to move them). Enemy units could also march inside your settlements and disappear. When this happened, the AI ​​simply stopped committing the actions that prevented me from advancing at the curb. I had to reload a previous autosave due to this.

Likewise, even though Victor OpenDev tried to display naval combat, I hardly managed to take advantage of my ships. For reference, most of the fights I participated in were on the ground. Later, when I encountered other countries, I realized that they don’t have a lot of boats. Those who already had ships were my subordinates, so there was no point in fighting them anymore.

Mankind Victor Obendev preview impressions 3a

Speaking of followers, I feel there should be some adjustments HumanityWarscore system. Think of this as being similar to the mechanics of war (i.e. war fatigue or war support) you’ve seen in other strategy games like the one from Paradox Interactive. The more battles you win and the more settlements you conquer, the greater the total value of fighter jets you will get once you implement a peace agreement.

at HumanityHowever, a conflict that completely destroys your AI opponent is often not enough to take over a portion of their territory. If you are the type of person who likes to dash enemies (or someone who fights a rush before attacking) then this totally tries to eliminate your opponent completely during the game’s early stages. At best, you can push in another nation, which is really handy because of all the gold you’ll get. Unfortunately, dependent interactions (and diplomacy in general) remain abstract. You don’t really have the means to adjust your relationships with other factions.

Mankind Victor Obendev preview impressions 3b1

What else can we look forward to?

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there were also some other anecdotes that could be disturbing. Unit movement while exploring is still a bit slow. Likewise, there are times when you feel overwhelmed because AI units also move during your turn. You can also click the “End” button several times just to realize that many actions still have to be taken (for example, events, diplomatic deals, and the like). Sometimes, you may simply want to play negatively to avoid clutter. Moreover, we can see several adjustments to the balance of the current wonders of the world and the generation of religions.

Don’t get me wrong. I can still feel it Humanity It is shaping up to be one of the most promising 4X strategy offerings in a long time. It has all the right tools and a visual flair to make it fun. Victor OpenDev simply gives you a taste of what the store has in store. That’s why I hope Amplitude Studios can solve all issues before the game is released on August 17th. Finally, I am keen to see another OpenDev session soon.

Mankind Victor Obendev preview 4 impressions

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