The next Battlefield game is “expanding” according to EA, more info soon

battlefield It is a franchise that has brought flashy warfare on a grand scale to shoot players for many years now. From the original 1942 To the most recent Battlefield VThere have been many developments along the way. Lobby sizes expanded, graphics became more advanced, and even complete destruction was introduced over the years. With powerful new controllers for devices and computers alike today, it looks like we’re close to making another leap forward again. next one battlefield A game (maybe Battlefield 6) Is nearly ready to be detected, and appears to ‘expand’ in many ways.

Oscar Gabrielson, DICE General Manager, Share the ad On the EA website. There weren’t many details, but the most exciting part of the announcement is the fact that EA plans to share a lot of new information in the coming months. And this should not be surprising since the E3 is as well Will be back this year. Actually, we’re dating back to The rhythm of the summer announcement Thanks to the return of the big show.

According to the project manager, EA is in test mode for the daily game play at the moment. All polishing, testing and bug fixing, his hand, his hand, his hand. The promise is to deliver bigger fights, more epic player moments, and more players than ever before. We’re definitely interested to see how this happens, because size matters. I assume that is true for this franchise though.

Battlefield 5 presents The Pacific Trailer that announces a free launch date on the weekends

Honestly I’m still blown away Battlefield V An experience, but a “bigger and better” approach is definitely welcome. Especially if it is in relation to the balance of the game.

So there is no old technology? Only new

Aside from making the noise, Gabrielson repeated the following method battlefield The game is created by DICE, Criterion Studios, and DICE LA. Even EA Gothenburg is involved in developing new technologies for the project. While this does not tell us much, if any, the overall scope and commitment to innovation is respected. Let’s just hope everything works as intended. While DICE is known for its great system block games, it’s also known for its fair share of bugs and glitches. Best of luck to them.

Stay tuned for more news the next day battlefield The game is in the coming months. The game is still due for release later this year.

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