OnePlus Gaming players built for PUBG, Call of Duty is now available in India at a price of Rs 1,099

OnePlus Gaming Trigger, specially designed for players of multiplayer Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Call of Duty and Free Fire, is now available for purchase in India. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in a tweet that OnePlus Trigger was designed to be tough, responsive, and refreshing. Read also – OnePlus Watch is confirmed to get these much awaited features soon

To recall, OnePlus Trigger was provoked around the time the OnePlus 9 series was launched in India earlier this year. However, the company is now only making the gaming supplement available in India, which is listed on the OnePlus India website for purchase. Read also – OnePlus Watch will be available at a reduced price of Rs 14,999 today: Highlights, Price in India and Launch Deals

OnePlus Trigger price in India

The OnePlus Gaming Trigger is listed at Rs 1099 on the OnePlus India website. The company says the OnePlus Trigger can be adapted to suit a wide range of Android and iOS mobile phones. Read also – The OnePlus 7 and 7T series are getting the OxygenOS 11 update with the absence of one interesting feature

OnePlus Trigger specs and features

To repeat, OnePlus Trigger has been designed to target Battle Royale-style multiplayer mobile games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and more.

OnePlus operator

The accessory comes with touch buttons to help interact with the device’s screen through capacitive connectivity, which is said to help players respond to in-game action quickly.

Thanks to the Omron switches, players get better haptic feedback based on what is happening inside the game. OnePlus Trigger can fit both Android and iOS mobile phones with screen protectors and protective cases. The maximum thickness of the device is 11.5 mm, depending on the company.

The description reads “The use of each drive is independent of the side of the device it is placed on, allowing you to use either drive on both the left and right side of your device.” The OnePlus Trigger measures 37.6 x 28.8 x 25.2mm and weighs 22g.

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