Gravity Heroes is finally here on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

from PQube Games and Studia Solution comes a gravity-changing hero adventure. Players control gravity and battle gigantic bosses in the unique title Gravity heroes. After a long wait, the game is now available on console for anyone wanting to try this unique adventure. After a successful reception on steamAnd the Gravity heroes He longs for a new audience and is ready to introduce them to new heroic events.

The title was released in X-Box One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam up to date with backward compatibility options for Xbox Series X and PS5. This is a journey into a futuristic, war-torn world where man and machine fight in a difficult balance. While there are many weapons on either side, you have the unique strength of handling gravity using a variety of composite techniques.

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Get into a retro pixel art style experience as players take part in a classic action adventure. Jump, manipulate gravity and fight bad guys in a unique experience. Play this either alone or with friends And family while playing in a variety of game mode options.

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Players are equipped with a unique “gravity vector” that modifies the force of gravity pull. This allows players to walk onto ceilings, walls, and really any other surface. Experience the unique ability and mix it with an arsenal of weapons.

The story follows Narrative of the Robotic Uprising. Players can participate in the main campaign with or with up to three friends. Fight hordes of robots, bosses, and more while defeating colossal bosses. To do so, players can use thermal missiles, ballistic missiles, and more giving players a variety of tools to use.

When the AI ​​is not fighting, players can face the opposite situation. Choose characters, customize the rules, and compete head-to-head with Friends lay in a couch barn. This is a chaotic experience that allows players to take a break from the story and simply enjoy the game’s bizarre mechanics.

To get another alternative experience team up with friends on Unique Survivor Mode. Bring three friends in a unique survivor experience as you fight hordes of enemies for as long as possible. This can be tried with up to three friends and it gets more difficult over time.

By blending the whole experience together, the game has an exciting soundtrack. The entire musical note is designed on the basis of the 90’s experience giving it a unique and exciting rhythm.

Overall, this title is good for players of all ages. It has friendly content, hero theme, and unique style that cannot be found in many recent titles.

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Gravity heroes Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series systems.

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