Check out Bungie artist’s updated Bungie shot of Halo from Brutes

Hello It’s a franchise that is no longer out of the spotlight after Bungie hands development over to Microsoft’s 343 Industries. While there has been some renewed interest in franchising over the past two years thanks Always improving Hello: Master Chef Group Computer port as well next Halo: Infinite, Likely many fans still prefer the classic Bungie days.

It’s also likely that many are wondering what would have happened if Bungie had stuck Hello Instead of venturing to create fate. Well, up to a point, we know what one of Bungie’s artists was going to do. Lexington Dath is a Bungie employee who currently works at fate IP, but he managed to allocate enough time to recreate the Brutes from Hello Franchise as a form of fan art. He’s hugely impressive, even though he’s a professional after all.

Using Unreal Engine 4, Dath created custom models, textures, and animations for his take on the Brutes. Fierce Warriors feature many unique types, multiple armor variants, and even realistic furs. What’s even more fascinating about Dath’s Brutes are the nods to each of Bungie’s classic designs in Halo 2 And 343 banished from Aura Wars 2 And the Infinite aura.

It attracted a large crowd

as far as Hello Fan art, Dath has been in it for a while now. Aside from his latest innovations, he designed other era types such as Elites and Grunts. Fans have been very positive about his work as well, and it’s easy to see why. Head to his site YouTube channel To see th Hello Savages and more excellent works by Bungie artist.

343 Industries has also noticed fan preferences when it comes to art style. After faded revelations Infinite aura Last year, the studio delayed the game to make sweeping changes across the board. We’re still not sure what to expect when the game is released later this year, but we should start seeing some noteworthy discoveries in the coming months. E3 is fast approaching, so it will be An excellent opportunity To show Craig’s performance in 2021.

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