We Carriers Early Access – Is It Worth It?

I’ve always been a staunch supporter of role-playing and Tactics games. Maybe it’s my roots in the NES and Game Boy eras, but I’ve always found the genre very compelling, while also mentally challenging. For this reason, I am always looking for the next great RPG. When I heard about the interestingly designed new title, We are the caregivers (Which just happens to Hit early access On April 22nd, Earth Day) I was very interested. The question is, did this sneak peek offer a promising vision of the title’s potential, or was it a disturbing glimpse into a game in the midst of growing pains?

If you are interested in knowing what leadership is about We are the caregiversI have to say it’s preserving the environment. As the name might suggest, you are part of a global community, looking to help preserve these strange unicorn-like creatures called runes. You are tasked to do whatever it takes to keep this one type of monster safe. Why are they so special, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine, but this is one example where ambiguity can be one of the greatest tools in a game’s arsenal.

Tactical maneuvers

The same action is done with a tactical map display where you can control small teams of up to six units at a time. For more ambition among us, you can also have multiple teams on the map simultaneously. Since they are roaming around the environment, there is a usual series of mission objectives to achieve such as dropping a shield or capturing rowan hunters. Yes, they’re somewhat simplified goals overall, but I try not to pick them too much, given that the game is currently within the confines of the Early Access program.

Heart shaped toys

Combat is the standard turn-based command, where each character has a unique set of skills and perks. Each fighter is randomly generated, so you never know what to expect from each fighter, let alone a confrontation. Once you collide with a group of Hunters, the battle will begin. You can then take turns making moves on one or multiple opponents.

While most of the battle mechanics appear to be somewhat varied, there is a unique feature that intrigued me, and it applies to families of enemies. After the opponent’s life bar is completely exhausted, you have the option to “end” or perform a capture. This works just like the standard move as only some characters can perform the maneuver. However, it takes a performance turn, and it can miss the intended goal.

We Are The Caretakers Early Access Game

After the skirmishes, once you have completed all the objectives and returned to your ship, you have to decide what to do with these prisoners. at We are the caregivers, Each unit has three options such as extracting information, recruiting them for your case, or releasing it. You can then use the money earned through missions to either recruit additional team members to build an existing team, or just build entirely new teams.

Once you get back on the ship, you’ll also get a chance to customize the members of your team. Everyone on the team has their own skill tree, at least as far as I can tell, directly related to that unit’s race. As someone who manages microscopic affairs to the ninth degree, this appeals to me greatly. Plus, it feels like they’ve managed to strike a nice balance between giving you control over the progress of each unit without feeling too daunting. I honestly can’t wait to see options that begin to open up as my team grows.

We take care of early arrival

Growing pains

as I said befor, We are the caregivers It is currently in beta use. This case is unfortunately very subtle, given the versions we’ve provided so far. It seems (at least as far as I can tell) that entire systems, like items and unlockables, were referenced, but not implemented. Additionally, there were frequent performance issues, with picture frames dropping during turn-based combat sequences into the slide show area. There was nothing so cumbersome to display on screen when these events occurred which made it all the more confusing.

Another serious issue that I ran into during my preview runs was the frequent crashing. To provide a little context, within an hour, I had a game crashing on my Windows desktop a total of 12 times. There is no way to get rid of the fact that the plane was crashing roughly every five minutes. This was directly unacceptable.

Heart shaped toys

The worst part was that despite my outrage beyond all beliefs, I legitimately wanted to play more. And then I endure this nonsense for more than one hour in a row. More updates have been posted since then, and although crashes seem to be less frequent, I still crashed four times within an hour yesterday afternoon. Oh, and did I mention that the same update also nullified my save game, forcing me to start over? Yes, I did, too. Why am I doing this myself?

I really think there is a legitimate kernel for something special here, otherwise it would never bother me with restarting the game so many times. The capture mechanism is the easily prominent feature and has the greatest capabilities to assist in identifying the address moving forward. However, I cannot conscientiously recommend We are the caregivers In the current early access case. I hope these issues will be resolved on the way to release, but as of now this is a tough lane for me.

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