Apex Legends Legacy update adds modified bow and Olympus weapon

Apex Legends It continues to roll during its eighth season and is showing no signs of slowing down. The list of select myths has grown from six to 17 in the newly announced version Apex Legends Legacy Update. The last legend added was the Fuse, a mullet-carrying grenade designed for novice players. The Apex Legends Legacy Update Planned for May 4, recently revealed pilot Kairi ‘Valkyrie’ Imahara will introduce a Bocek Bow weapon, modifying his latest map – Olympus.

Bocek Arch

Respawn Entertainment and EA recently revealed that a new weapon will be coming with the Apex Legends Legacy Update. The Bocek Arch is described as “capable of inflicting tremendous damage in the medium term”, and it will likely come as a sponsorship package. Given that the stocks are not currently part of the Apex Legends ammo mix, they will likely have limited ammo. As we’ve seen before, just because a weapon starts out as a limited-chain care package doesn’t mean it will stay that way in the future. Two examples of this can be seen with the Peacekeeper rifle and the Prowler SMG. Introduced as a popular weapon, they eventually became Care Pack drops.

Bocek bow

Olympus Modification

Just like the Kings Canyon map evolution, Olympus will also see some changes in layout. The latest map interaction will alter the landscape by “invading” vegetation. The city will now have “roots and natural growth” that could provide some lovely temporary cover in the many areas currently open on the map. This is a nice change from the random scattering of polygonal rocks available to bend behind as a last resort.

Northstar short

The trailer of Valkyrie was revealed to the official Apex Legends A YouTube page with a trailer for “Northstar”. The video spans a little over eight minutes and offers some nice visuals and a glimpse of it Valkyrie origin story As an ambitious “fiery and fierce” pilot. The addition of Valkyrie might prompt fans to wonder if there’s more The Fall of TitanThe -esque content will start to flow Apex Legends Considering that it exists in the Titanfall universe. Maybe, a Titan or two? For now, the focus appears to be still on an indie battle royale.

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