Grinding Gear Games tackles the Path of Exile: Alarm Troubles

Grinding Gear Games definitely has their eyes set on their next big hit, with the The Path of Exile 2 A large part of that future. However, before we get there, there is still an issue Path of Negation: Warning. It’s expected to be a massive expansion update for the base game, the Path of Negation: Warning It was full of issues. Needless to say, this has been a disappointment to the community. Grinding Gear Games is aware of this, and has since come out to address the issues.

Take to Reddit, Lead developer Chris Wilson discussed the issues that have arisen Path of Negation: Warning This dimension. One of them was the extremely long time it took players to transition to new content. Waiting lists were long, sometimes taking up to two hours. This is unacceptable at any level and the studio knows it. Human error was at the root of the problem. The migration that was supposed to take place before the launch did not happen.

There was a temporary fix, but it took guys out of the trial every 10 minutes or so. In other words, both scenarios were less than ideal. You can imagine the frustration for gamers and developers alike when it comes to these types of issues Path of Negation: Warning.

Wilson shared that this was definitely not what the studio was planning for its launch day. After all, the team is usually very careful with making changes to the infrastructure, which includes internal testing, code reviews, and even large-scale pregnancy tests. This should have been prepared adequately Path of Negation: Warning For any potential problems. Unfortunately, the team did not spot the human error in time.

Grinding and gear games tackle the problems of unleashing the Ultimate Path of Exile (2)

Tension mount

What made the issues worse for me Path of Negation: Warning In the eyes of the fans it was the preferential treatment. At launch, the studio provided quick access to content creators. This means that many people have been stuck in a queue while having to watch the creators have fun. Such an announcement is expected, but hardly comfortable for those who wait impatiently at the gates.

Wilson expressed regret on the part of the team for this decision. Wilson feels in part this way because in the past the team took pride in allowing everyone a fair start. From now on, even banners won’t be able to get past the login queue.

As far as long wait times are concerned, fortunately the issue has since been corrected. Fixed, with Grinding Gear Games looking for any repercussions from the fix. Players can sometimes find their inventory corrupted after the server is repaired, so this will be the main aspect that the team will try to avoid here.

Grinding and gear games tackle the problems of unleashing the Ultimate Path of Exile (3)

Of course, the team doesn’t expect players to be happy with all these issues at Path of Negation: Warning. Even with the reforms in place, what has been accomplished has happened. The studio just wants to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and what plan is going forward.

We’ll just keep waiting and see how things turn out Path of Negation: Warning It continues to roll over.

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