Most of the Most Wanted contracts have been disabled in Call of Duty: Warzone

Every day a new in Call of Duty: War Zone It appears to be bringing a new number of Raven Software for your consideration. After a long history of Infinite Vulnerability Spur And the most recent iteration of Radioactive areasNow, Activision has moved quickly to shut down the latest exploit. If you weren’t aware, players could become completely invulnerable throughout the match. No bullets, chariot fighting or even melee assassinations can bring them down. The problem was a flaw in the Most Wanted’s contracts Call of Duty: A War Zone.

As a quick fix, Raven owns software Advertise That the contracts of the fugitives have been suspended in the near future. No date has been set for their return. For those who have faced a god-like enemy, this is the best news yet.

Initially, players were likely to cause wanted nodes by mistake War zone. However, once the exploit became more and more popular, more and more began to use his nefarious powers to cheat on their way to victory.

Repairs when needed

The bug had no negative side effects either. You can still play the entire game normally, while the others looked at you and knew they couldn’t defeat you. We still don’t know the cause of this particular issue. However, it likely has something to do with Radiation Zones, which revive dying players and turn them into zombies.

Disables most of the required contracts in Call Of Duty Warzone with a bug in God Mode (1)

Look at the bugs in Call of Duty: War Zone It activates when re-appearing, and just as the Most Wanted contract expires completely, it means the two can be tied.

even with War zone Constantly dealing with issues like this, the BR mode continues to rise in popularity. It might explain why the development team was so quick to take action on anything that could spoil the experience. We’ll see what happens next The end Come next week.

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