Bladepoint welcomes everyone to an open beta next week

First revealed in 2019, 24 Entertainment’s Naraka: Playpoint It brings a multiplayer experience focused on melee to the table. It touts an unlimited action system, accessible controls, and a dodging and blocking system that takes a different route from the usual games. To experience everything that means, you can play Naraka: Playpoint The beta is open next week.

From April 23-26, the open beta will give you an idea of ​​what 24 Entertainment is up to. It will not just be a direct engagement relationship. You will win only by using everything in your skill set and weapons. This includes the wide navigation options available to players.

You can run on the wall Naraka: PlaypointAnd the Players can also use their reliable hook on almost any surface. This includes other players, which can make some really interesting multiplayer actions. In an advantage with GamesRadar, The development team also revealed that there will be cross-cutting weapons in the game.

If the need arises, you can try to take out your opponent from afar. However, the studio shared that melee combat is still the preferred option for many in Naraka: Playpoint Closed betaIt will likely be the same in the open beta.

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Skill Test

Staring at your opponent and taking a fatal blow is definitely a satisfying process, which is why Naraka: Playpoint Very interesting thing. However, melee combat is difficult to implement. The few exceptions that come to mind are Riding or For the honor. Even so, there are still aspects of improvement that can be made to future games. However, we will feel things better once more players try Naraka: Playpoint During the open beta.

To apply, simply head over to the game Steam page And access is requested. Once the April 23rd arrives, an open beta will begin for anyone requesting access. Naraka: Playpoint Will launch in the summer.

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