The change is finally coming to the Roze player in Call of Duty: Warzone

If you play any amount of Call of Duty: A War Zone Lately, you’ve probably noticed every other player is wearing exactly the same tight-fitting black suit. This is Roze’s “near-dark” skin, the most hated face in the game that players just can’t seem to get enough of. Using Roze’s skin doesn’t give any special statistical effect, but her dark clothes are basically the perfect camouflage on a dark map like Verdansk.

Roze has become one of the most volatile topics in the Warzone community since skin gained popularity late last year. Players have called out to do something about it offline from Raven or Infinity Ward, but help is finally on the way. Raven Software has finally acknowledged the problem and will ‘Modification“For skin in an upcoming update. What exactly does that mean? Raven didn’t specify, but we can assume her outfit is going to get a little brighter or somehow change to be more pronounced.”

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