Genshin Impact version 1.5 will be released this month with new content

Jinshin effect It is one of those games that go on trucking. It was released last year with great success, and the developers at miHoYo have not rested to their laurels since then. New content continues to be added to the game, and one of the biggest is about to drop soon. So, let’s move on to what Jinshin effect Version 1.5 is brought into the game when it is released later this month.

The biggest addition comes in the form of a Serenitea bowl. With this item, you will be able to access your personal pocket dimension. This is where you can build a house, fill the area with animals, and customize it just the way you want it. There will be different types of areas available that you can build in, and your fellow players can visit each other’s homes as well.

new Hangout events They are also added. You will be able to continue searching for Zhongli’s story now, and you can interact more with Noelle and Diona. Of course, it wouldn’t be an update without new characters. And the Jinshin effect Version 1.5 contains two new additions to the game menu. Yola is Called “Spindrift Knight,” he is the commander of Vavonius’s Knights Squadron. She is a five-star character who owns Claymore and has access to Cryo’s magic. Eula excels at dealing area damage and can increase its resistance to interruptions through its skill with the elements and the explosion of the elements.

Fire and ice

The second new addition is a four-star Pyro user named Yanfei. She is a half-human, half-lit monster and she seems to be a lawyer, or at least being taught to be. With two new allies added, it makes sense for two new foes to join the battle as well. The first is Trounce Domain’s new competitor, Azhdaha, also known as “Lord of Vishaps”. He would offer rare bonuses once a week for any party that could beat it. Also, in Dragonspine, Cryo Hypostasis will be added as a new prime enemy. Just like the other enemies of Hypostasis, save and unlock its pattern to obtain tons of rare resources, including character upgrade items.

The last few changes are a little minor, but still very useful to gamers. TThe cost of claiming the first three Trounce Domain rewards per week has now been cut in half. Also, the amount of companionship experience gained in Cooperative Mode is doubled. This should make it easier for veteran players to make the most of their time. Last, but certainly not least, we got a quick preview of the next big area to the game, Inazuma, in concept art form. The area is attractive, and boasts the aesthetics of feudal Japan. We don’t know when this new area will be available yet, but it will be exciting to explore the new lands.

Jinshin effect Version 1.5, titled “Under the Light of Jadeite,” will be released on April 28th. The game is free to download and you can get it from Official site.

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