Get the exclusive Crusader Armor Pack for Magic: Legends


In today’s gift, you can get an exclusive Crusader Armor Pack for Magic: Legends!

In today’s gift you can get an exclusive Crusader Armor Pack Magic: Myths!

So get this: Magic: Myths It’s in an open trial version, and it’s completely free to play and unsubscribe. Thrilling! I was playing it, but I was forbidden to participate in magic, and Charm, Since my own brand of sorcery is so sexy. Different people, different strokes, I think.

Anyway, we do have some exclusive content that you can’t buy in-game, so just take one, really!

Magic: Myths

Here’s a little bit about the game:

Magic: Myths It is a free and continuous action RPG hack’n’cast online game based on Wizards of the Coast in the popular trading card game, Magic: the gathering.

Ancient Powers move in the dark, requiring players to play the role of Planeswalker, mighty spelling announcers who can travel between planes. While exploring different planes, players will collect mana-based spells and strategically build a perfect combination of balanced attacks to dominate battlefield chaos and save the multiverse from its biggest threat yet. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

Now, here’s a little about me:

Wes Tacos, once considered the greatest magical mind in the universe, now lives in his mother’s pantry, shy and deprived. Long before his time, Tacos had been banned from any and all displays of witchcraft, sorcery, and witchcraft (but could still participate in necromancy and saturation) due to his highly erotic, but insanely intimate, practice of the mystical arts. It can be booked for kids birthday parties and wake up.

How to redeem

Well that was helpful! Here’s what you’ll get in the Crusader Armor Pack:

  • Crusader Armor – Costume (shown in the title above) is only available as gifts and cannot be purchased in-game.
  • 2x Quest End Boosts – Increase end of mission rewards for Spelling Pages, Gold and XP by 100% for the next quest.

All you need to do is recover a key from the tool below. We only have 500 keys, so get it and it’s hot!

Magic: Myths inside The beta is open right Now.

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