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Previously, we went through a leak of F1 2021 and found a bunch of new features that could make this year’s game exciting. There may be new additions to the career mode along with new driving assistance. However, fans of the franchise and Formula 1 fans want to know if this year’s game will feature the race tracks of Imola and Portimao. Rumors point to opportunities. Read also – F1 2021 game details leak: complete F2 season, player career mode, July 16 launch and more

Codemasters has yet to reveal anything about this year’s official Formula 1 game, but several blogs indicate that there is a possibility Imola and Portimao will be featured in this year’s game. Both tracks hosted the 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix but were not added to F1 2020 game. Instead, it shipped with the new original additions of the track to the 2020 calendar, such as Vietnam and Zandvoort.

The 2021 F1 could feature Imola and Portimao

Portimao and Imola racecourse was confirmed for the 2021 Formula 1 season earlier this year by the FIA. Since Codemasters usually release F1 games every July, there is plenty of time for the studio to work on these race tracks. Moreover, with the 2020 season hosting races in these venues, there was a common demand for these tracks to be added to the 2020 game.

F1 2020 screenshot

Zandvoort circuit in F1 2020

However, Codemasters said at the time that it would take nearly a year to build a single track for the game. Lee Mather of Codemasters said, “The tracks are a huge task for us. Building two tracks a year is a great deal of work. Bringing classic tracks is always something we discuss, it’s something we’ve done over the previous generation. But apparently, Zandvoort and Hanoi brought us this one.” The year and they are both gigantic circles, almost a path [takes] About a year of human labor hours for construction. So to build two paths, we obviously have a team of people working on them. There is still a tremendous amount of effort and time taken to do that. “

For the 2021 installment, there is a possibility that Codies will work hard to include these two tracks in the game, given that the 2021 season calendar has been pre-decided. Moreover, with Electronic Arts on board, we can expect a few typical EA-style DLC additions to racetracks as well as exclusive content (like what Codemasters did at F1 2013). With the launch of F1 2020 last year in Zandvoort and Vietnam, hopes are rising for See Imola and Portimao this year.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 is returning to Imola this year for the second round of the 2021 season. The Imola race track is available for trial in Assetto Corsa as well as Project Cars. Plus, you can try Imola in F1 2013 with the classic DLC package.

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