RollingKnight is now available on Android

Developer 37 Darkbreak Co has released an entirely new title Google apps This is a break-in cell phone RPG genre. New RPG title for Match-3 Rolling Knight It explores the idea of ​​an alternative fictional reality. This game mixes myths and legends in a combined storyline that allows players to stand side-by-side with famous characters from a variety of traditions.

Ride alongside Don Quixote and his companions as you attempt to restore order to a gods-torn and magical world. Starting in a humble village, players will slowly recruit famous characters to help them on their puzzle-solving journey. Enjoy mini games, unique worlds and a slowly developing story with this mobile title.

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Gameplay, this title is very similar to Candy Crush It is based on the match 3 system. Match three pieces to remove them from the board, and craft combinations to create special pieces. These pieces can clear the board faster, and as players unlock new combos slowly, they can build a better path.

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When players unlock new features, they can explore the world of magic and customize their own city. Collect heroesLegends, heroes and more as you build armies against a real threat. The developers are promising so far to keep the game updated, but it is currently unknown if they will keep their word.

This title takes many features from popular games and mixes them into a unique mix. exist Most likely ads are in-gameHowever, the severity of these ads is also relatively unknown. This is a new title so the game community hasn’t figured out a lot of things yet.

Comments for this title were mixed with enthusiastic and disappointed fans of the title alike. While some fans who pre-ordered the title enjoyed the experience, quite a number of Bugs and internet connection issues I stumbled upon some fan’s experience.

Additionally, the puzzles were considered simplified with many fans not sure the game would get any better. A andThe tutorial makes this experience a popup More questionable because the simple puzzles are not exactly self-explanatory. While this is the opinion of some fans, it is uncertain whether or not this title will reach a wider audience.

This title has more work to do, and many fans are ready to wait for its development.

For the audience, this game is applicable to players of all ages. It does not contain mature content, and has a childish reality in its overall experience.

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Rolling Knight Available on mobile devices.

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