Activision is involved in a trademark dispute with a web game called Warzone

Typically, it’s the big publisher that sends stop and go messages to a smaller game developer. This time it is in the opposite direction. According to a complaint filed by Activision in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the creator of the Browser game called Warzone– Fizzer – Activision sent a halt to halt in 2020 and opposed its trademark application.

Activision’s complaint says it applies to the Warzone trademark Call of Duty: A War Zone With regard to video games and downloadable entertainment services in June of last year, while the Defendant filed for a similar trademark in Warzone after only four months in October, he later claimed that Activision’s trademark “had previously and will continue to achieve the relevant consumer audience that Is confused, wrong, or deluded “about distinguishing between the two games.

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