WWE 2K22 gets a teaser during WrestleMania 37

The greatest event in pro wrestling, WrestleMania 37, has finally begun. The scene is so huge that it was only the first night of the event. Of course, we are bound to see some surprises, such as a quick announcement announcement WWE 2K22 Featuring Rey Mysterio.

The WWE 2K22 The iconic Lucador ad shows a three-time former world champion standing in front before moving pieces to his in-game character model. Without a doubt, it looks good. He then performs Mysterio 619 (Tiger Feint Kick) on the unlucky Cesaro.

WWE 2K22 Teaser: That’s it?

Sadly, this is all you’ll see today WWE 2K22 Teaser trailer. Again, though, Rey’s character model looks excellent, so we might see some graphical improvements in the future. Of course, admittedly, there are old fans out there with doubts. After all, when WWE 2K20 Released two years ago, players have found out Many bugs and glitches That made the game terribly unplayable.

When Accept It ran into several issues, including poor targeting, slow motion, and weak Creation / CAW Suite compared to previous years. There was a point in time when the game was Constantly crashed As soon as the new year arrives. Before it could be fixed properly I had to move my computer clock forward. Over time, we also saw questionable DLC shows that often featured cosmetic options like comic weapons or fictional arenas.

WWE 2k22 Teaser Trailer Wrestlemania 37

With WWE 2K20 After getting skewers, the next game was sim canceled. Then we ended up with WWE 2K Battlegrounds Which was more arcade and cartoonish in nature. Although it was slightly better compared to the previous offering, it was still a low-key filter.

This brings us to what we saw about WWE 2K22 At WrestleMania 37. It’s just a teaser, but it looks attractive graphically. Let’s just hope the series taking a quick breather means most of the issues will be resolved. The WWE 2K The series definitely deserves a great outing.

Anyway, we’ll find out more about WWE 2K22 In the coming weeks. For now, you can see the announcement below:

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