Sousltorm Review – Abe appeared and better than ever

Oddworld: Soulstorm It is re-imagined Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, And it’s a game that was originally released in 1998. Truth be told, I’ve only played the first two games way back during the PlayStation days. Abe’s adventures were, to me, just a fleeting interest (not much of a full fanbase).

That way, I looked at Oddworld: Soulstorm With new eyes. I was eager to see what the team could do in Oddworld Inhabitants with this latest rendering. Of course, the question still remains: Was Abby’s latest outing Worth your time?

Abi savior

Oddworld: Soulstorm It shows the journey of Abe and his minions in Modcon after their escape from RuptureFarms (this novel was part of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey In 1997 and 2015 Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty remake). Instead of just doing a remake or remake DisplacementThe inhabitants of Oddworld decided on a reimagined version, one that would offer a very familiar and different sequel from what it sought to emulate. as such, Oddworld: Soulstorm Sounds like a brand new game.

Oddworld: Soulstorm It even contains several blockbusters and blockbusters to add more depth to the characters and plot.The story begins with Abe and co. Relax in a safe place only to be stormed. This horrific escape leads Abby to search for other survivors, as well as many of the coddlers who are still enslaved. Molluck the Glukkon and his army of Sligs shine, all eager to put out the flames of this uprising.

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Running puzzles

Oddworld: Soulstorm Contains a whopping 17 levels filled with many fixed pieces for your fun. There are collapsed caves, deserted ruins, huge factories, dark mine shafts, and even a level located on a moving train. Both the level and the technical design are first class here. You have a symbolic path that you’ll push to reach the end of the level, but there are several secret areas that you have to discover as well.

This is where “badges” come in. Think of these as achievements or numbers that you can complete on each level to show you the number of nooks and crannies, or Royal Jellies (health boosters), that you have spotted. Make no mistake, Oddworld: Soulstorm It’s a major category when it comes to branding its ‘2.9D’ gameplay. Yes, there are 3D elements, but the sideways movement and camera angles will still give that feeling of nostalgia for the classics in the genre.

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Likewise, as with the action platforms, the game offers infinite sections with puzzles. Some lend a more straightforward approach while others can keep you guessing. And you’ll probably rely on trial-and-error solutions many times over as well. Abe has a plethora of tools at his disposal thanks to some basic drafting features. You can create thunderbolt mines, flammable drinks, bouncing rocks that can hook up opponents, and more.

Abe can also cheer for having outright enemies. In fact, having an enemy opens up new ways for you to tackle goals. The enemies you control can kill their comrades, they can activate the switches for you, and you can either electrocute them or make them explode upon completion. The game is also fairly generous when it comes to checkpoints. Failure or death will cause Abby to come back from the last checkpoint you passed and you’ll be back on business in no time.

Oddworld Soulstorm 2-B computer review

Mad modcon

Another central aspect in Oddworld: Soulstorm It is Abby’s goal to save Modecons. There are around 1,400 Mudokons spread across all levels and Abe has a chance to save them all. Some of them are found while completing a stage with the greatest possible amount of linearity, while others may be in secret areas. Combined with existing puzzles, your work is cut short for you. For example, there are times when you need to wait for the Mudokons in a safe place while they vacate a room, since following them could put them in danger. In other cases, you will have them run in front of snipers to hide in a vapor cloud, or they walk very carefully to avoid waking up the sleepy mutant dogs.

In some levels, you’ll even encounter the mini-game “Mudokon Escape”. Hundreds of Mudokons will try to reach safety while Sligs try to shoot them down. There are plenty of options for you to get rid of your enemies while protecting your friends. You can possess hostiles so that you have extra firepower, equip Mudokons with crafted objects so they can drop projectiles, or place your own traps to disable reinforcements.

I have very little grips when it comes to the Mudokon henchmen because the mechanisms are somewhat simplified and decent. However, there have been several occasions when AI followers can be a little unfamiliar, such as forgetting to hide in the locker when others have (they will end up with bullets), or poor movement / climbing / pathway to avoid traps and ultimately getting chips ).

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Disadvantages Oddworld: Soulstorm

It is clear , Oddworld: Soulstorm It has some noticeable flaws. As a workstation, there’s a little bit clumsy when it comes to climbing and hanging. For one thing, it’s annoying when Abby is swinging when he’s on the edge of a platform. At certain moments, this can be fatal to you because the enemy can discover you. It can also be a problem when you are climbing ladders or jumping over ledges and the camera is locked at an odd angle. Your jumps are hard to gauge, and this is exacerbated by floating mines, rolling nails, or rotating pistons that could kill you instantly.

Perhaps the most fatal flaw is the placement feature and filing system. Yeah, Oddworld: SoulstormCheckpoints for “are a dime a dozen and you shouldn’t have problems most of the time. However, there are cases when you pass through a checkpoint and the enemy may end up shooting at a Modcon follower. If you decide to reload, you will return to the same checkpoint and face the same The unfortunate accident.I would have really preferred a feature that allows multiple automatic devices or fast waves (even Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus He had an acceptable preservation system.)

Odwr Slst Rev 1a

As for the placement feature, it allows you to replay whatever level you have reached in the campaign. This is important if you want to save at least 80% of the Mudokons at each stage because doing so will allow you to do so. Unlock all endings And the last two levels of the game (16 and 17). Although there are checkpoints when you restart a stage via the placement feature, your entire progress is not saved unless you finish everything. Since some levels are huge and there are many puzzles or dozens of Mudokons to find, you can expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour replaying. If you can’t finish in one session, or your game freezes, that entire run is lost.

There’s also a noticeable flaw as Abby can get stuck in an infinite loop while exploring – restarting from a previous checkpoint will fix this. Thankfully, that wasn’t something that I encountered during this review. What I tried was two infinite loading screens before multiplying into a phase. I had to completely close the game and restart it. Finally, PS4 owners might restart to the home screen during the 10th level of the game (just hop again, don’t worry).

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It is back and better than ever

Generally speaking, though, Oddworld: Soulstorm She still manages to deliver challenges and excitement. Since I was going for a full round to unlock levels 16 and 17, I missed 80% of the Mudokons requirements rescued in two levels. Trying to find all of the Mudokons (or most of them) took quite some time. A regular run should take you roughly 15 times, but you will spend more time if you want to uncover all the secrets.

Of course, I can say that Oddworld: Soulstorm It is one of the best action platforms I have played in a long time. Even if I have a fleeting interest in adults strange world Toys, Oddworld: Soulstorm It definitely captured my attention. I look forward to what developers can do in the near future as they continue to remake or reimagine the franchise.

Odwr Slst Rev 2

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