Epic will lose more than $ 300 million in exclusive promotions for the Epic Games Store, and that’s okay

To take advantage of Steam, Epic Games has spent the past two years shelling Fortnite money at the Epic Games Store. 100 exclusive deals And give up Free games every week. We knew Epic was spending a lot of cash to get customers to its store, but it didn’t have many details yet. Thanks to Epic’s big legal battle with Apple, this week we learned that Epic committed nearly $ 444 million to exclusive deals for the Epic Game Store in 2020 alone. Phew.

More precisely, this is $ 444 million on “minimum guarantees” for games that are released on the Epic Games Store but stay out of Steam for a year. A “minimum guarantee” is just another way of indicating an advance: This means that Epic guarantees a publisher a certain amount of money whether or not its game has already sold enough to cover it. For example, put out Epic $ 10.45 million for Control.

Apple says Epic lost $ 181 million at the Epic Games Store in 2019, and forecast a loss of $ 273 million last year, and expects another $ 139 million loss this year.

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