Dota 2 patch 7.29 brings Dawnbreaker

Dota 2 The 7.29 patch, Dawnbreaker, has just been released. And you know what that means? That means it’s time for another of my long and mobile posts about patch notes! Someone has to do that, after all.

If you care about any of the recent corrections, you probably have a pretty good idea of ​​what is in them. New Hero (Honorary Dawn), along with element changes and removals, hero amateurs, power drop, and quite a few changes to both the basic mechanics and the map itself.

I’m going to Try Not going into too much detail, because as always, you have to really look at Incredibly spacious Correction notes for yourself. There are even great photo sliders on that page so you can see exactly how parts of the map have changed, so it’s well worth seeing.


Maybe the new hero is what he cares the most about. Valora the Dawnbreaker (or Dawnbreaker to her friends) is the heroine of melee force with little to no sense of debt to it. It’s the tank type and has a reasonable load, and even has some healing attributes. Let’s quickly move on to its capabilities.

Her Q is a Starbreaker. Dawnbreaker swings its hammer about three times while traveling a short distance in one direction, with each swing doing its attack damage plus extra damage. In the final swing, the hammer was struck down, and it stunned.

W’s hammer, Celestial Hammer, has her gigantic hammer at a target point, leaving a flaming trail behind. After two seconds, she will return to her, but a second tap of the switch will reconnect her, and she will be rushed to meet her in the middle.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker 2

Its E, the luster, is not an active ability at all. This is a downside that charges because Dawnbreaker hits things. After three primary attacks, the fourth would be a guaranteed Critical Strike that heals the Allies around it with 35% of the damage inflicted – although Creep and Neutrality provide less healing.

Finally, here is the ultimate guardian of solar energy. Dawnbreaker can create a pulse near any allied hero Anywhere On the map, you will heal allies and harm enemies. After a short channel, Dawnbreaker will fly to the pulse, deal damage and shock any nearby enemies when it lands.

In short: it has quite a number of ways to inflict pain and stun. And the It has a global presence with Solar Guardian. Expect to see it in every game you play for the next week.

Correction 7.29 is the same

Dota 2 Patch 7.29 Map changes

This is not actually interactive. This is a screenshot of the official page.

I won’t go into much detail about the rest Dota 2 Contents of patch 7.29. This is primarily because transcription editors have painfully cleared up what will happen if you count more than 1,000 words again.

The changes to the map are fairly large and worth a mention, with modifications to the areas around each level 1 tower, as well as a large number of changes to the flank slopes, outposts, and neutral camps.

Controversial outposts have undergone a change of their own, too. Instead of giving XP every 10 minutes, they give XP per minute instead, which has to change a little bit about how you handle and compete with them The bonus runes have also changed: you won’t spawn in the river anymore, and if you don’t pick them up in time, they won’t New bonus runes replace the old one. They’ll only sit next to them.

There is a new rune, too. Water Rune will appear in both Force Rune Positions in minutes 2 and 4, and restore 100 HP and 60 mana when using it. They will also fill in bottles, which is probably their point.

And the rest

Because it wouldn’t be a Dota 2 post without this image.

There are a lot of other bits and pieces. Like Necronomicon are gone, Broodmother’s Spawn Spiderlings are now finally out, apparently. With that being said, I really don’t want to dwell on every change. I Act I want to mention a quick addition to the quality of life I love, though: Upon death, players get a free pass to the city gate. The coils themselves are a little more expensive to compensate for this, but that means people can get back on the track faster – although hopping the lanes will be a little more expensive.

Oh right, and Deceive In Captain’s Mode now, so hopefully we’ll see how the pros deal with it before long.

Dota 2 Patch 7.29, Dawnbreaker, is now released. The download is around 500MB, and should be downloaded automatically from Steam the next time you log in.

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