Meet ghost bears, a modern campfire, and Cozy Grove’s best-ever dealer

An island full of dead bears doesn’t seem like a cozy place, but it often does. I spent some time with Cozy Grove Today, Animal Crossing-ish life-sim is where you play scout camping on an island where a horrific bear massacre occurred sometime in the past. (This isn’t Sharia or anything, but I suppose it was a massacre because the island is home to an amazing number of ghost bears.)

I don’t understand all the details yet, but the Ghosts (yet) are very friendly and optimistic considering they are dead, and they definitely keep me busy with tasks and chores. While the ghost bears help with their needs, which usually includes finding some missing items on the small, crowded island, they will become happier and the island around them will get hotter, encouraging more ghosts to appear.

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