Aircraft Carrier Survival is a WWII action game that’s trending on Steam

Game developer CreativeForge Games has announced a WWII themed simulation for PC fans. The The survival of the aircraft carrier Prologue is officially launched, and the developers will release the full game in the second quarter of 2021. Enter a WWII simulation as you control an aircraft carrier full of untold lives.

This game will challenge players to face hostile environments as they make decisions that can affect their entire crew. Plan missions, choose targets, and carefully approach each situation as you slowly make your way through this famous struggle. This is a unique view of WWII as many titles do not usually make use of the offer of players.

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Enter the cruelty of war as the cruelty of the sea matches the ruthlessness of ongoing conflict. The survival of the aircraft carrier It challenges players in a unique situation and forces them to adapt to a constant attack. This simulator will test your ingenuity as you decide the fate of a mega aircraft carrier.

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The players are entirely responsible They must monitor and manage multiple floors. Choose the right crew, equipment and missions as you manage your resources and command an entire fleet.

Assign a crew to roles across the ship as you manage stations of all shapes and sizes. Proper planning is the key The preparation can often become more important than the plan itself. Choose a variety of strategies to either take the enemy head-on, infiltrate him, or avoid contact with him altogether.

When The ship is damaged You have to manually assign a crew for each issue. Prioritize dangerous situations and try to keep the ship afloat for another battle. This will test players’ adaptability as multiple floors can often lead to an unbearable confusing situation.

Launch the A variety of aircraft, Anti-aircraft turrets, and survive enemy attacks as you try to make your way across the Pacific Ocean. This is a dangerous battle, only by making quick decisions can any commander hope to survive the onslaught of WWII.

Plan your missions, make tough decisions, and weather the war. This is a simple goal that can become a challenging experience. Carefully plan every mission as you use intelligence that may or may not be accurate. There is no choice but to win, so strive for your best maneuvers with every attack.

Suitable for all ages, this title takes a tactical look at a variety of situations within the game.

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The survival of the aircraft carrier An introduction is available at steam.

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